ReggioTV – News – Angelica De Seta was crowned Miss Calabria 2022

ReggioTV – News – Angelica De Seta was crowned Miss Calabria 2022
ReggioTV – News – Angelica De Seta was crowned Miss Calabria 2022
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We left her a few weeks ago national pre-finalist of Miss Italy with the sash of “Miss Magna Graecia”, but now she has won the most coveted regional title, that of Miss Calabria 2022.

«It is a unique emotion, I still cannot realize. It is an honor to be able to represent Calabria in the national pre-finals with this range of responsibility. But I will try to do it by carrying on the values ​​and qualities that reflect me and that I believe a Miss should always have, namely: humility, generosity, humility of mind, the desire and determination to always go forward ” .

Angelica De Setafirst Miss La Pecora Nera Beach and then Miss Magna Graecia, she is 21 years old and comes from Paola, she attends the faculty of educational sciences with the dream of being able to soon become an educator.

“Children are the engine of the world, they help us discover even the little things that surround us”, concludes Angelica who also works for the Civil Service as a volunteer worker.

During the event, three other bands were also assigned: Miss Rocchetta Bellezza Calabria to Maria Antonietta Siniscalchi, Miss Magna Grecia passed from Angelica De Seta to Maria Grazia Costanzo and, directly from the national team, Miss Social Calabria to Ludovica Dito.

There are eleven national pre-finalists who will have the arduous task of representing the Calabria Region together with many other Misses from all over Italy from 16 to 19 September in the city of Fano, in the Marche region:

Angelica De Seta – Miss Calabria 2022 – 21 years of Paola
Carolina Elisabetta Gaudio – Miss Miluna Calabria – 18 years of Cosenza
Maria Sofia Cimarosa – Miss Kissimo Biancaluna Calabria – 22 years old from Rome but originally from Siderno
Vanessa Foti – Miss Cinema Calabria – 18 years of Reggio Calabria
Marianna Carbone – Miss Sport Givova Calabria – 19 years of Rende
Zari Mastruzzo – Miss Valle dell’Esaro – 22 years old from Rende but originally from Bulgaria
Noemi Casella – Miss Elegance Calabria – 20 years old from Basel but originally from Sibari
Martina Guida – Miss Sorriso Calabria – 19 years old from Reggio Calabria
Maria Grazia Costanzo – Miss Magna Graecia – 25 years of Cosenza
Maria Antonietta Siniscalchi – Miss Rocchetta Beauty Calabria – 19 years of Cosenza
Ludovica Dito – Miss Social Calabria – 26 years of Gioia Tauro

To host the final act of a super season were the steps of via Calabria in Cosenza with an innovative and elegant setting worthy of great occasions. Within the event, Fashion, Music, Dance, Magic alternated with guests of national caliber: Rachele Risaliti (Godmother), Silvia Mezzanotte (Special Guest), Jey Lillo (Mentalist Live Show), but also Culture with the creation of the lacalabria award which wins in memory of Emanuele Giacoia (Journalist), Giacomo Triglia (Director), Dr. Pino Pasqua (Head physician at the Annunziata Hospital in Cosenza), Franco De Maria (of the Association Gianmarco De Maria), Ten- Teleuropa Network (Carmela Formoso).


“Six long years ago my life changed. This competition was a huge springboard because it opened up so many paths for me in the world of fashion and entertainment. I also managed to realize one of my biggest dreams which was to create my own jewelry brand “, comments Rachele Risaliti Miss Italy 2016.

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The beauty of values ​​combined with that of sport. On the occasion of the match between Cosenza and Bari, played yesterday at the “San Vito-Gigi Marulla” stadium, the national pre-finalist Misses for the Calabria region paraded on the sidelines before the start of the sporting event amid applause and great emotions, for then attend the match of the Wolves in the stands.

«Thanks to all those who have supported us, and we refer to the many Municipal Administrations and to the numerous Partners, during this long and intense summer that began in June with Miss Egea and ended with the Grand Final in Cosenza. We thank the Municipality of the Città dei Bruzi for the patronage, the councilor Francesco Turco, but above all the Partners who contributed to the realization of the event which we hope was appreciated by the large audience that participated in an engaging way: Scintille Montesanto, Malizia (Top Sponsor ), Egea Global Service, Labfurs Pellicceria Di Maro, Lara Boutique, Serafino Mazzei Arredamenti, Ca.Ma. snc, Doctor Glass by Alfredo Miranda and Beauty Blonde Hairdressers by Roberto Vitaro (Official Sponsor). Thanks to our team who worked day and night with professionalism and sacrifice. Thanks to the press that, with punctuality, have always supported us and published consistently during the tour. Thanks to the guests, Rachele, Silvia, Jey Lillo, who accepted our invitation by raising the level of the event, and the many guests (awarded) and artists who performed.

The concept of beauty has changed a lot compared to the last few years in which we focused only on the physical aspect, not giving the opportunity to be known. Miss Italia Calabria has always been attentive to this concept trying to bring her contribution not only with important messages such as the enhancement of the territories or social issues that serve to raise public awareness, but also the dissemination of the beauty of the values ​​that we are proud to have also found in our Pre-finalists. Our eleven Misses are all very beautiful girls but above all full of content, we wish them a big good luck for the national teams advising them to always believe in it and never question their personality because each one is special in its own uniqueness. We are sure that they will represent our land in the best possible way, while hoping to have left a good memory in their hearts ”, commented the Regional Agents Linda Suriano and Carmelo Ambrogio of CarliFashionAgency, exclusive agency of the competition, at the press conference for the closing of the season.

Miss Italy Final Calabria will be broadcast today 11 September on Ten-Teleuropa Network (Canale 12) at 15:00 and 21:00.
The Miss Italia Calabria 2022 season has also officially ended, where beauty, sport, culture, music, fashion and entertainment have come together to create a perfect and unique combination. Long live Miss Italy!

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