F1 – Ferrari wants to eliminate the performance gap between qualifying and the race

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The seventeenth pearl. The pole position of Charels Leclerc obtained a Monza allows the Monegasque to equal the score of Max Verstappen which cannot properly be defined as the magister of an iconic moment in F1: the assault on the time trial. The Ferrari driver thrilled the Italian public also thanks to the perfect teamwork accomplished with the collaboration of a generous Carlos Sainz which did the opposite of what was staged by Sergio Perez who once again refused to support his box colleague. That she didn’t take it at all well as you can see from our on board qualifications analysis (read here).

With the start at the pole, the talent of the FDA it’s not even half the battle. He knows Leclerc who, as soon as he crossed the finish line, opened on the radio to report simple words: “Tomorrow tomorrow“. In fact, despite it start in seventh square, Max Verstappen seems to be the favorite for the final victory thanks to the less extreme and more delicate set-up with the tires chosen for his RB18. In Ferrariinstead, it is done all-in on a very unloaded configuration that could be particularly demanding – and stressful – with tires.

But Max has several pitfalls to overcome: the start (never too effective in the tests carried out during free practice), the funnel of the First variant and the need to quickly get rid of slower cars that could plug and clip the Dutchman’s dreams of glory. He relies on these three elements Leclerc who wants to try the winning escape and give his audience a “joy of the stage” that would not save the season of Ferrari but that would certainly make it less bitter.

F1. Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari F1) poleman of the 2022 Italian GP

F1. Gp Italia 200, Laurent Mekies speaks: Ferrari rewarded by teamwork

There is satisfaction from the red clan for a result that seemed rather difficult to achieve on the eve of the game. “Getting pole position in a Monza packed again after two years is truly a unique emotion: we dedicate this result to all our fans who never stop supporting us.“. You made your debut on the official channels of the prancing Horse the sporting director of the team who underlines the effectiveness of the synergistic work of the two drivers.

Charles was very good because once again he managed to put together the perfect lap. Carlos also went very strong and set times at the level of his teammate, collaborating with him once again to play as a team and give the wake. We have already done this in France and Belgium but to do this we need a great understanding between the riders“.

F1. Italian GP 2022, Mekies: replicating Saturday’s performances in the race

One of the endemic problems of the 2022 season of the Ferrari it is the tendency to show a different level of performance between Saturday and Sunday. What was achieved in qualifying did not often materialize in the race. From here a clear discrepancy between the number of pole positions obtained and the races won. A bearish ratio, a trend that the men of the Stable they would like to reverse. Maybe starting from Monza.



The racing director of Scuderia Ferrari, Laurent Mekies, at the pit wall

TO Maranello we worked hard after the last few races to find a higher level of competitiveness and today’s result, achieved thanks to everyone’s effort, is a first step in the right direction. Obviously it is only Saturday and the points are awarded tomorrow: we know that it will not be easy at all to maintain the first position and take home the victory, because we have seen that Max is able to win even starting from behind and, up to this point, the Mercedes. in the race they have always been stronger than in qualifying. Now we are concentrating on preparing for the Grand Prix in which the objective will be to confirm the level of performance shown in qualifying also on the pace“.

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It won’t be easy for the prancing Horse today. But the feeling is that the performances have significantly increased after the beating of Spa Francorchamps when the F1-75 he had suffered with a set-up that proved unsuitable for the iconic and severe Belgian track.

Days of study and analysis in the factory have returned a more effective car than, considering the setback of Verstappencould enable Leclerc to return to the top step of the podium from which it has been missing since Austrian Grand Prix. A long, long time.

Author: Diego Catalano – @ diegocat1977

Photo: F1Scuderia Ferrari F1

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