School, in Campania we start again. The alarm of the trade unions: “There is a lack of support teachers and administrative staff”

School, in Campania we start again. The alarm of the trade unions: “There is a lack of support teachers and administrative staff”
School, in Campania we start again. The alarm of the trade unions: “There is a lack of support teachers and administrative staff”
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NoonSeptember 11, 2022 – 08:07

On the eve of the recovery there are many critical issues. Vannini (Uil): rankings full of errors

from Fabrizio Geremicca

At the time we have 13 out of 25 support vacancies. Moreover, it is also guaranteed by 15 annual alternates. Marco Ugliano, coordinator of CISL school directors and holder of the post at the Volta, on the eve of the new school year, he turns the spotlight on the issue of inclusion of students with disabilities. It is hoped – he continues – that those 13 places will be filled in a short time. Last year the last support teachers took up service after Christmas. I could try to appoint alternates at school level myself, but then they would be replaced by those assigned by the regional school office and changing the professor after a few weeks is counterproductive for a disabled boy. It would be helpful if schools were given the option to fill vacancies on support with annual substitutions without waiting for the ministry.

The scenery

In Campania – Ettore Acerra told Corriere del Mezzogiorno a couple of days ago, that the director of the regional school office – are 15,000 ordinary posts for support teachersthe staff by law, and have been added to them about 9000 notwithstanding to be attributed with substitutes. Another criticism, Ugliano goes on, is the lack of auxiliary, technical and administrative personnel. I am receiving – he reports – numerous reports from colleagues and colleagues in difficulty. There is a need to review the parameters to which reference is made to assign ATA staff to schools. They are the result of the cuts adopted at the time of Minister Gelmini and they do not work. At the Volta, then, as in many other industrial institutes, there is the problem of the difficulty in finding teachers of computer science and electrical engineering. The head teacher explains: it is difficult to find a teacher for a temporary post. The competition classes are exhausted and graduates are oriented towards the private sector and not towards teaching. I applied to the University for new graduates and undergraduates.

Reduced organic

Anastasia Gogliaof the CGIL School, predicts that lessons will begin in many schools in a difficult situation because the ministry did not fully comply with the requests of the regional school office to integrate the legal staff with an adequate number of teachers. He adds: There is a fundamental problem because the legal staff of regions such as Lombardy and Piedmont are double that of Campania. The regional school office tries to plug the gaps with the actual staff, but the ministry always sets stakes and restrictions. Roberta Vannini, secretary of the Uil Scuola in Campania, in the meantime points out that the rankings published Thursday evening on the Naples Territorial Area website are full of errors: excluded teachers who will not work for the next two years, others for whom the score and will be bypassed, still others who find themselves with an inflated score and risk being penalized after the validation that they do the service school. According to the trade unionist, then, the assignments assigned in Avellino (650), Benevento (453), Caserta (1409) and Salerno (1956) would have to be redone for the many unavailability not considered and for the countless errors in the ranking that led to precarious teachers. to have no annual appointment and tenured teachers to have one of the same grade and type of position elsewhere. CGIL, CISL, UIL, Gilda and Snals discussed it on Friday with Acerra who – according to what the unions then wrote in a press release – undertook to promptly correct the errors.

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11 September 2022 | 08:07

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