Totti-Ilary Blasi, interview with Corriere: “I didn’t betray her first”

Totti-Ilary Blasi, interview with Corriere: “I didn’t betray her first”
Totti-Ilary Blasi, interview with Corriere: “I didn’t betray her first”
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The former captain of Rome in a long interview with Corriere della Sera talks about uncovered messages, an alleged flirtation, bedbugs, GPS, investigators and also tells how the story with Noemi Bocchi was born: “I got out of depression thanks to her”

And finally Francesco Totti spoke. Even if talking about “the end” is perhaps not even correct because after the very hard interview of the former captain of Rome at the “Corriere della Sera”, regarding his separation from Ilary Blasi, it seems complicated to imagine that things could finish here. Totti says that he will no longer speak, but his words are destined to make a lot of noise and therefore it will be necessary to see if his now ex-wife will reply. Perhaps in Verissimo’s living room, with her friend Silvia Toffanin, where last spring she denied the crisis in a clear way. It’s only been a few months, it seems like a lifetime, given their current relationships.


Francesco, in the two pages of the interview released this morning, goes down heavily: “It is not true that I was the first to betray. I have read too many hoaxes in recent weeks, some of these have made my children suffer: now that’s enough. I’ve lived a difficult period, first because I stopped gambling. Then came the death of my father from Covid. And just when I needed my wife most she was not there. But I also have faults, I should have paid more attention to her “. Totti also sets a timeline: “In September of last year the rumors began to arrive: look that Ilary has another one. Indeed, more than one”. And then he talks about messages discovered on Ilary’s phone (“Something like: let’s meet at the hotel; no, it’s more prudent of me”), about her hairdresser and friend, Alessia Solidani, as a witness and as an intermediary between Blasi and a alleged flirtation (“Don’t let me tell you his name. He’s a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine”), talks about bedbugs, Gps, detectives and also tells how the story with Noemi Bocchi was born , officially his new partner: “I fell into depression and I got out thanks to her, who is the opposite of Ilary”.


With the mother of his three children, Totti is afraid of arriving in court because an agreement on the separation cannot be found and the relationships are very tense, with lots of details that never seemed possible in a seemingly solid couple: “Ilary took away my my collection of watches, there are also some Rolex of great value, he emptied the safety deposit boxes with his father. ” During the interview, released in recent days to Aldo Cazzullo after the first meetings with the lawyers that led to nothing (“only she wants to stay at home”), Totti repeatedly reiterates that he wants to protect his children, “the people who I love more than myself “. For this, he concludes, he hopes “still to find an agreement”, on the Eur villa and on everything else. After this interview, however, it appears very complicated.

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