Lazio, the team was balanced. Now the centrality of Immobile

Lazio, the team was balanced. Now the centrality of Immobile
Lazio, the team was balanced. Now the centrality of Immobile
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Sarri’s team has evidently found their balance but Ciro, compared to last year, shoots less and plays fewer balls

Lazio is growing, undeniably, compared to last year. Sarri he is finding the right square and measurements for his team; fewer goals conceded, more balance and ball possession linked to the match and the opponent. The new being of Lazio must obviously take something away and obviously it is also affected in part Ciro Immobile. The team, less reckless and more attentive, does not get unbalanced thus bringing the Biancoceleste captain less times to shoot. Compared to the first five games of last year King Ciro is shooting less and playing fewer balls. The commitment and the race that Immobile puts in to help has remained constant his team. Inevitably, however, the consistency of his goals depends on the game he plays and creates the team and above all if he is put in the right condition. to go to sign.

In this beautiful and effective new style of play, the team must never forget to play for their striker. Compared to the first five days of last year, reports the Corriere dello SportProperty he was able to shoot eight times less (13 shots compared to 21). Eight, only, the shots on goal that led to two goals compared to the six arrived last season in the first five outings. Even at the level of participation the numbers of Immobile have dropped (154 balls played this year, 205 last year). King Ciro he needs to get back central in his Lazio which he knows for sure anyway the contribution of his captain will never fail.

Immobile, numbers in hand, try to make his way alone. He tries more dribbles (eight this year, four last season). The balance that Lazio are finding must be perfected guaranteeing the same scoring to Immobile. The Torre Annunziata striker is the man of verticalizations but this type of solution (seen against Sampdoria) is failing less and less and when he happens to pay the price he is always the captain. Property is not discussed, and this will never be done, but it must be served properly.

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