Found unconscious in the street after an escape: serious young man who had stolen a van

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This morning at about 9.20 the Verona emergency helicopter intervened along the provincial road 64, in the stretch that from Tonezza leads to the Fiorentini, in the locality of Melegnon, where, after being tumbled from the forest above, a boy ended up on the roadway. He was found unconscious from the aftermath of the fall.

The young man had stolen a van shortly before and was fleeing chased by the carabinieri, who had noticed the vehicle, when he lost control of the vehicle, going off the road. Wounded, he attempted to escape on foot, ending up in a ravine and sustaining very serious injuries.

Disembarked in a hovering not far away, the medical team and the helicopter rescue technician gave him the first urgent care for the possible serious polytrauma reported, an ambulance also on site.

Loaded on a stretcher, the injured person was transported to the helicopter which landed 200 meters away and then took off in the direction of the Vicenza hospital. On site, at the request of the carabinieri, there was also a team from the Arsiero Alpine Rescue that helped them find the young man’s personal effects among the vegetation.

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