He accuses an illness in his bar: nothing to do for Roberto Soldati

He accuses an illness in his bar: nothing to do for Roberto Soldati
He accuses an illness in his bar: nothing to do for Roberto Soldati
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“He had just greeted me, as he used to do every day, and once in the kitchen he collapsed to the floor.” Dramatic words are those spoken by a loyal customer of the I gave Maclodio coffeewhere yesterday morning the manager of the business, Roberto Soldati, died of sudden illness. The man, born in 1967, living in nearby Travagliato, felt ill under the astonished eyes of one of the barmaids and three customers. «I was outside smoking – continued the man present in the room -. He wasn’t conscious, but he was breathing. We immediately called for help and when he stopped breathing, we gave him a heart massage while waiting for the ambulance. It must have been five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to me. Seeing a friend die like this is something traumatic ».

In via Roma yesterday morning, around 11.30 am, ambulances and self-medications intervened. The helicopter rescue from Bergamo also landed in a nearby area, but returned without any patient on board, despite attempts to revive the man. Soldiers in the last period “he told us he didn’t feel very well. He was tired, not to mention other pathologies he suffered from, ”concluded the client. In addition to the rescue machine, on the spot, taking into account the fact that the death took place in a public place, the agents of the local police and the carabinieri of the Trenzano station also intervened. But the dynamics seemed clear immediately: the man died of a cardiac arrest.

In a short time, several people gathered in via Roma. Not only the relatives (Roberto had no children and was not married), but also citizens living in the area, customers, friends and some collaborators, visibly upset by what happened to the barman. Roberto Soldati was a well known man, since he had been running the business for many years to Maclodio. But not only that, even a bar in Cossirano, a hamlet of Trenzano, and recently also a place in Franciacorta. “A good person, a hard worker,” concluded people who knew him.

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