Borghi in Festa Marche Storie in Recanati on 16, 17 and 18 September

Borghi in Festa Marche Storie in Recanati on 16, 17 and 18 September
Borghi in Festa Marche Storie in Recanati on 16, 17 and 18 September
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In the village of Montefiore, near the walls of the Castle, “Radio Montefiore – Festival of voices and music” will be held with live events on historical, literary and musical themes, which will be broadcast live on radio

RECANATI – The Municipality of Recanati and the Montefiore Committee in collaboration with the Beniamino Gigli Association presents “Radio Montefiore – Festival of voices and music” as part of the regional project of the Borghi in Festa Marche Stories scheduled a Recanati on 16, 17 and 18 September 2022.

The protagonist of the Festival is the small village of Montefiore, home to an ancient precious castle, currently under restoration, built to defend the territory of Recanati about 8 km from the city center on the side of the city of Osimo.

“Montefiore is the village of Recanati par excellence, thanks to the Marche Region we are given the opportunity to relaunch the cultural enhancement of the area as a prelude to its complete revitalization with the next renovation of the Castle. – Mayor Antonio Bravi declared – With the economic resources that we managed to find, we have already carried out a first important intervention to make the Castle area safe, now we are proceeding with the development of projects for the entire renovation of the fortress. “

The castle, formerly a walled village, is dominated by a fifteenth-century tower very similar to the Tower of the village of the city of Recanati located in Piazza Giacomo Leopardi. A structure that dominates the landscape, visible from miles away.

For logistical reasons, the Montefiore district has always lived its relationship with Recanati in the sign of belonging, but also of distance.

“We are very happy with this regional cultural project which has given us the opportunity to involve the committee and the personalities of the village of Montefiore but also to enhance and promote the Castle, a true architectural jewel that will soon be returned to the community. – Affirmed the councilor for Culture Rita Soccio – These three days will also be an opportunity to talk about proposals and ideas on the use of the Castle after the works. Once again, cultural events prove to be the guiding thread for networking and working together for the common good. “

“Radio Montefiore”, directed by Paolo Bragaglia, will give life to a program of live events, on historical, literary and musical themes, near the walls of the Castle that will be broadcast live on the radio, both in the city of Recanati on the frequencies of the local Radio Erre, which all over the world thanks also to Usma Radio, the radio station of the University of San Marino active in cultural production and dissemination.

A public radio listening post will be set up near the Torre del Borgo di Recanati, with broadcasting in Piazza Giacomo Leopardi, to symbolize the complementarity of the town / hamlet relationship.

The program offers themes and shows related to the ancient history of Montefiore and to the two great city figures of Beniamino Gigli and Giacomo Leopardi.

“Montefiore has always suffered from the geographical distance from the center of Recanati, radio is certainly one of the most immediate means of communication capable of canceling this distance. – Said the President of the Montefiore Committee Moira Scalzini – Rediscovering, enhancing and passing on one’s origins are the basic actions to make a territory unique and special. An example of this is our Castle, a fundamental historical and cultural center for the city of Recanati which will finally be able to shine again with the planned initiatives and the upcoming renovations. “

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It starts on Friday 16 September at 6.30 pm with the inauguration of the Festival followed by the radio broadcast of the evening on the theme “The tales of the castle” stories, anecdotes and interviews on the characteristic, historical and memorable characters and on the traditions and legends of Montefiore by by Fausto Maggiore, Pierluca Trucchia and Paolo Bragaglia

At 9 pm the evening concert will have the theme: “San Biagio, an Armenian saint between Dalmatia and the Recanati countryside” a sound journey between Montefiore di Recanati, Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) and Armenia, places united by the figure of San Biagio , a native of Armenia and patron saint of Montefiore and Dubrovnik, among the artists who will perform the Duo Lucanero & Meo and Roberto Paci Dalò,

Saturday 17 September the radio broadcast at 6 pm will focus on the theme “Leopardi and tradition” a conference – concert by Roberto Lucanero on the relationship between Giacomo Leopardi and the folk and traditional culture of the Recanatese area, with readings by Oberdan Cesanelli.

At 9 pm the concert meeting dedicated to “Beniamino Gigli, the world nightingale” conducted by the president of the Beniamino Gigli Association, Pierluca Trucchia with the performance of the tenor Enrico Giovagnoli interspersed with anecdotes, stories and listening to vintage records at 78 turns to remember the extraordinary Recanatese tenor.

Sunday 18 September at 6.30 pm presentation of the book by Paola Bitocchi “The castle of Montefiore between archives and libraries” follows the meeting with the citizens on the theme “A project for Montefiore” the district committee of Montefiore and the councilor for culture Rita Soccio will talk about the ongoing project and the ideas to return the castle to the community. At 9 pm “Leopardian Panorama” the feeling of the landscape in Leopardian poetry and prose in a reading by the actress Isabella Carloni with music by Paolo Bragaglia with musical interventions by Serena Abrami.

Every evening at 8 pm there will be tastings of typical products of the agri-food companies of the area to share in a convivial way the goodness of the local food and wine specialties and the beauty of the village.

During each evening show, suggestive images and visual elaborations relating to the themes of the performances created by Marco Bragaglia will be projected on the walls of the castle. For the occasion, guided tours of the external structure of the Castle will also be organized.

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