Quote 41 and Flat tax in the first 100 days – Il Tempo

Quote 41 and Flat tax in the first 100 days – Il Tempo
Quote 41 and Flat tax in the first 100 days – Il Tempo
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Filippo Caleri and Carlantonio Solimene

September 11, 2022

Quota 41, security decrees and “foundations” of the Flat tax in the first hundred days of government. And then fiscal peace to prevent the real economy from being screwed up and the interventions on bills. “Although I hope that this government is already doing something.” Matteo Salvini speaks to Il Tempo and draws up the strategies that the center-right will implement if he wins the elections. Excluding new broad agreements (“the voters are fed up with the left that loses and governs the same”) and “opening” to the alliance of Ita with the US fund Certares: “What is fundamental is the protection of employment levels”.

Secretary Salvini, in less than two months the center-right could rule Italy. What would be the first step to take?
«Against the expensive energy, even if I hope the government in office can already intervene because we are facing a real emergency and we cannot wait. Within the first hundred days we will block Fornero to make Quota41, we will immediately reactivate the safety decrees, we will deal with regional autonomy, we will set the first steps for the Flat Tax. All without forgetting the fiscal peace, which cannot be postponed by now. Millions of green envelopes are leaving, after two years between the health crisis and the lockdown they risk being a lethal blow for families and businesses, which today are dealing with the energy emergency ».

On this issue, you were among the first to call for a budget shift, then followed by other leaders. But not by Prime Minister Draghi and his ally Giorgia Meloni. Are you still convinced this is the right strategy?
“I am interested in the facts: the important thing is to intervene immediately, if we do not put 30 billion today – even the Cgia of Mestre has estimated the need for this figure – we risk spending three times as much tomorrow to revive a country injured by unemployment, layoffs , closure of millions of businesses. I am ready to listen to all proposals, just take action. Even Davide Tabarelli, authoritative president of Nomisma Energia, declared a few days ago: we are in a war economy, we need a budget deviation of 30 billion. This is what Germany, the United Kingdom and France have done ”.

Nuclear power has fully entered the electoral agenda. But the uncertainties relating to costs, timing and location of the plants remain.
«The latest generation nuclear power, safe and clean, could be a reality in a few years. It is a solution for the medium term, which can no longer be postponed. I am an autonomist, so the territories will be listened to. Pending implementation in Italy, agreements could be signed with France to participate in the development of new generation plants in French territory, investing and then having returns in energy instead of paying for it as we do today ».

The theme of energy is intertwined with that of war. They have often accused her of “pro-utinism” for her perplexities about sanctions. How would he behave if he were prime minister?
“The doubts about the sanctions have also been raised by authoritative international observers such as theEconomist and the Monetary Fund itself. I wonder if the sanctioned are really suffering more than the sanctions. It is necessary, it being understood that the invasion of Ukraine cannot go unpunished, for Europe to intervene to guarantee support for Italian families and businesses that are paying a very high price ».

Given that Palazzo Chigi is the goal of all center-right leaders, would you like to return to the Viminale? What strategies would you implement on the security and immigration front?
«The Italians will decide, let me reiterate that the security decrees have guaranteed legality and border control at no cost. They must be restored and applied ».

Has a percentage target been set for the vote? What is the bar of victory or defeat?
“I do not set limits, I expect a great result from South to North, in spite of opponents and some biased observers”.

Are you afraid of overtaking the M5S hypothesized by some polls?
«I’m interested in the polls that I touch with my hand in the squares, and traveling around Italy the climate around the League is excellent. We fear nothing and we are preparing for a historic result ».


Speaking of Conte, even the center-right does not appear compact on citizenship income. What, in your opinion, is the strategy to be adopted?
«It certainly needs to be reviewed, in the center-right we agree. For the League it must be kept only for those who really need it: the billions recovered must be invested to cut taxes ».

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On the subject of taxation, what do you respond to those who, like Carlo Cottarelli, argue that the Flat tax would cut taxes especially for the richest but then the reduction of services would harm everyone?
«Cottarelli considers a family that earns 70,000 euros gross a year to be a rich family. He shows that the Democratic Party is completely out of this world and makes misinformation. The truth is that the left proposes the patrimonial and wants to tax the house, the Lega supports the flat tax: the Italians will know how to choose ».

Calenda argues that after the polls we need a new government of national unity. Faced with the challenges that await Italy, would it be appropriate for the center-right to make use of the collaboration of other political forces?
“The experience of the government of national unity was unrepeatable because the emergency situation was unrepeatable: I think the Italians are fed up with the left that loses elections but ends up in government.”

Could the federation with Forza Italia become topical after the vote? Is the League’s European position under discussion or will it remain alongside the Le Pen group?
«I confirm that I want to work for an increasingly united and successful center-right, in Italy and in Europe. My relations with Marine have always been and will always be one of trust, friendship, esteem and mutual collaboration ».

Chapter Ita: what do you think of the MEF’s choice to deal with the Certares fund? Will the alliance protect the employment and strategic interests of our country which is a crossroads for international tourism?
“It is proof that the current government is fully operational. The priority for us is to secure jobs. Regardless of the choice of the subject with whom to conduct the negotiation, we are interested in the development and relaunch of Ita with an adequate industrial plan. We hope for the strengthening and development of tourist flows, investments in all Italian airports and above all the safeguarding of territorial air continuity to maintain everyone’s right to mobility. The new government, within the prerogatives recognized by the procedure, will carefully evaluate all these elements ”.

The recapitalization of Monte dei Paschi is pending. The momentum of the markets is not favorable but the postponement may mean the failure of the possible bailout. How do you think the issue should be addressed? Fast-forward to divesting the public quota or negotiating longer times and a less rapid exit from the state with Brussels?
“I am absolutely convinced of the fact that Brussels must postpone the timing of the state’s exit from the shareholder structure for an appropriate period, so that serious speculations on the future of the bank can be avoided and new hasty and unfortunate attempts to sell off that have seen the League oppose and prevent new allowing, consequently, to set up the third national banking center with other realities that have the same territorial vocation and that pay particular attention to small and medium-sized enterprises “.

The next government will face a major series of public company renewals. What criteria do you think should be followed in choosing candidates?
«Expertise, I have no doubts. Exactly the opposite of what the left did, which too often preferred to favor the party card. Example: I am proud to have nominated in the League people like Mario Barbuto, president of the Italian Blind Union, who will be invaluable in solving the problems of people with disabilities starting from architectural barriers. Barbuto is not a militant historian of the League, on the contrary: however he is a respectable and competent person. This principle must also apply to public companies “.

Single telephone network. What position does it have in the creation of a single broadband infrastructure? The country cannot wait for negotiations between private and public shareholders. How do you intend to close the file?
«The creation of a single network for broadband infrastructures is a necessary condition for the country’s economic turnaround. The League has tried by all means to encourage the creation of broadband: we have unlocked 1.3 billion euros for connection vouchers. On the negotiation between Tim and Open Fiber, it is not the task of politics to intervene on commercial operations, that we leave it to Conte, while on the separation between services and the network in Tim itself, the main aspect that interests us is the defense of work and the attention to the monstrous debt of the company now in foreign hands. The State must ensure that there are the best conditions for carrying out the work in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary waste ».

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