chaos in the penitentiaries of the region, prison police officers attacked in Pisa and Florence Sollicciano

chaos in the penitentiaries of the region, prison police officers attacked in Pisa and Florence Sollicciano
chaos in the penitentiaries of the region, prison police officers attacked in Pisa and Florence Sollicciano
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Tuscany prisons: chaos in the penitentiaries of the region, prison police officers attacked in Pisa and Florence Sollicciano

“There really seems to be no end to the spiral of violence that, for months, has characterized the prisons of Tuscany, at the center of constant and continuous serious critical events. And what just passed was a Tuesday of blood and violence in the prisons of Pisa and Sollicciano, in Florence, due to some inmates intolerant to order and security which should be essential features of a prison “.

The complaint comes from the Sappe union, through the voice of the Tuscan regional secretary Francesco Oliviero, who requests urgent measures from the Ministry of Justice.

Prison of Pisa

“In the afternoon, in the prison of Pisa, a North African prisoner, while he was about to be accompanied to solitary confinement to serve the disciplinary sanctions received for similar violent intemperance, went into a rage and, with the aid of a rudimentary weapon, was hurled at the prison policemen – explains -. The man was a fury: seven policemen were injured and then reported in the hospital. For some time now, the Pisa prison has been experiencing a chronic shortage of personnel of all roles: even the forced absence from the service of the department commander for over a year, who had also been attacked by an inmate at the time, is negatively affecting on the management of the institute. To aggravate this disheartening picture, there is also the dilapidation of the detention facility, which needs a restructuring that can no longer be postponed ”.

Florence Sollicciano Prison

“A similar violent episode took place yesterday evening in the Sollicciano prison in Florence – continues Oliviero – An inmate, also from North Africa, did not want to return to his cell and instead demanded that it always remain open. At the understandable denial of the policeman, he hit him with slaps and punches. Only thanks to the intervention of other police units was it possible to prevent the situation from getting worse“.

Merciless criticism from the head of the Sappe della Toscana: “The prisons of Tuscany have been experiencing moments of great difficulty in the management of prisoners for some time now. The attacks on police personnel are continuous, occurring without any intervention by the higher, ministerial and regional bodies. And also the management and handling of prisoners who become protagonists of attacks in Tuscany, by the Regional Superintendency of Florence, leaves us somewhat perplexed “.


Donato Capece, general secretary of Sappe, calls for ministerial interventions

“We cannot continue like this, without a minimum of security for colleagues who go to work and do not know if and how they will return home, without bruises. I am concerned about these new serious incidents that occurred in the Tuscan prisons of Pisa and Sollicciano, also because our reports to the DAP of Rome on the dysfunctions and inconveniences that affect the safety and operation of the regional prisons and the staff of the Penitentiary Police continue to go unheeded. who works there with professionalism, dedication and humanity despite a significant shortage of staff. And it is incomprehensible that those who have the duty to intervene, ie the regional and national prison administration, do not intervene promptly ”.

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He also denounces the failure of the expulsions of foreign prisoners from Italy: there were only 456 in 2021. “For some time, Sappe has denounced the correlation between the increase in critical events in prisons and the presence of foreign prisoners, as are the protagonists of the serious critical events that occurred in Pisa and Sollicciano. It is symptomatic that in the last twenty years there has been a surge in foreign prisoners in Italian prisons, which from an average percentage of 15% in the 1990s have now grown to over 17,000 compared to about 55,000 presences.
Making immigrants condemned by an Italian court with an irrevocable sentence serve the sentence in the prisons of their countries of origin, as Sappe has long denounced, can also be a strong deterrent against foreigners who commit crimes in Italy ”.

Penitentiary Police without anti-cut gloves, helmets, shields, anti-riot kits and truncheons promised by the head of the Dap Renoldi

“The situation of Italian prisons, for adults and minors, is increasingly alarming due to the continuous repetition of serious critical and violent episodes which increasingly involve men and women belonging to the Penitentiary Police Corps. Women and men who serve in the detention sections without any useful tool to guarantee their physical safety from the continuous attacks of the most violent inmates.
The taser could be the useful tool par excellence (also because it is possible to know the physical and medical conditions of each inmate before being able to use the electric pulse gun), as well as the realization and creation in all the institutions of the announced Gio ( Operational intervention groups), equipped with suitable equipment to face any possible critical event, trained in the use of operational techniques, which protect their own safety and that of the prisoners.
But the heads of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Penitentiary Administration are only chattering and the Penitentiary Police continue to run out of it. That’s enough. Provisions are urgently needed for the men and women of the Penitentiary Police who every day, in the prisons of Italy, are the victims of aggression, humiliation, insults, injuries, fights and scuffles by the violent fringe of prisoners “.


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