After the passage of the Frecce, a German bomb appears in Desenzano

After the passage of the Frecce, a German bomb appears in Desenzano
After the passage of the Frecce, a German bomb appears in Desenzano
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While the sky returned to blue after the passage of the Frecce and their tricolor fumes, the rocks of the lakefront returned a bomb. In the heart of Desenzano, practically under the “heart” of Piazza Cappelletti, a passer-by found a piece of iron that he immediately thought could be a bomb. And so the whole machine that is activated in these circumstances has been set in motion.

It happened in the early afternoon, just on the day when the capital of Garda was in great shape for theAir Show: more than one hundred thousand presences recorded, however, also a bomb was detected. At first the passer-by wisely alerted the fire brigade, who were in the square. From there the call to 112 began, with the intervention of the Carabinieri and the local Police who cordoned off the whole area and then that of the Public Security Commissioner, which took charge of “the practice”, alerting the Prefecture and, of consequently, the bomb squads of the 10th Engineers Regiment of Cremonacompetent in Lombardy for the remediation of remnants of war.

Because the one found by the passer-by, who was very good at alerting the competent authorities, at first glance seemed like a war device. The eye of the bomb squad made it possible to establish that in fact it was just like that: it was one Eierhandgranate 39, that is a German hand grenade used during the Second World War, commonly known as an «egg». The bomb was taken over by the Army specialists and transported to a safer place, ready for the next blasting, which will be scheduled in the coming days. Another discovery after the one that took place in Brescia a few days ago.

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