Waste and the circular economy enter the programs of the parties

Waste and the circular economy enter the programs of the parties
Waste and the circular economy enter the programs of the parties
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The first result, of course, is that we talk about it. The second is that, among those who do it, there are those who clearly say that i waste they are a subject dear to the mafias, around which interests, business and unspeakable appetites revolve. And here the assembly remains almost deserted. The argument is tough, technical. Many parties literally prefer not to get their hands dirty with garbage. There are so many implications, the risk of slipping on a banana peel is high. Not to mention ongoing or potential investigations. And then, the complex supply chain, the Byzantine legislation, the issue of landfills that no one wants, or at least not in their own garden. The Democratic Party never mentions the word, the center-right and Possible yes, but they limit themselves to stamping the card. Even the 5 Stars are hiding, despite being a historical workhorse. Perhaps the chaos of Rome has something to do with it.

The Italian Left-Green Europe alliance and Gianluigi Paragone (Italexit) stand out, proposing rules againstplanned obsolescence (i.e. the worst practice of giving an “expiration date” to technological products, whether a mobile phone or a light bulb) and make eco-design mandatory. The Nicola Fratoianni-Angelo Bonelli tandem suggests to trace the garbage and suspicious ground movements with gps and satellites. But nobody, not even the top of the class, says anything about e-waste, which often ends up overseas. Nothing even about solar panels, the first generation of which is coming to an end and will constitute a heap of scrap to manage. Let’s see in detail what the parties propose:

  1. Italexit
  2. 5 Star Movement
  3. People’s Union
  4. Democratic party
  5. Center-right (Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia)
  6. Possible
  7. + Europe
  8. Action-Italia Viva
  9. Italian left-green Europe

There are those who want to open a public company to extract raw materials from electronic waste

It is proposed by an amendment by Senator 5 Stars Cioffi to the decree law on the Pnrr. The idea does not appeal to the consortia of the WEEE sector, while Italy remains below the European average in the collection of this waste

Ample space is dedicated to waste by Gianluigi Paragone’s party. Waste management is defined as a “strategic assetWhich must be kept under the “total public control, but it is not specified in what way or with what funds. It focuses on an awareness campaign for reduce by one hundred kilograms (per capita? Not indicated) the quantity of waste produced.

We continue with an interesting proposal: introduce the obligation of eco-design, to ensure that the objects are designed to be entirely deconstructible. The reduction of packaging and polylaminates, that is the wrappers made with different materials pressed together (which make recycling difficult). The program proceeds with the war on planned obsolescence and the use of the fiscal lever to shift the supply of companies towards recovered or recycled materials. The pyrolysis for end-of-life waste and to build plants for the production of biogas. It is not indicated how many. There is much talk of the recycling of tires at the end of the stroke (meritorious point) and drastic interventions on plastics and microplastics. It is also proposed a national plan for asbestos with complete material mapping.

That on waste is another of the historic battles of the Five Stars since the time when the guide was that of Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio. The theme has remained in the program, but the document does not go into detail, as it happens on almost all topics. From a force that has ruled five years, it is reasonable to expect a few more explanations. Instead it all comes down to one “stop to obsolete technologies for waste“, at the “promotion of returnable vacuum“And no to new incinerators, due to the fall of the Draghi executive. Too little.

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To favor, especially in Southern Italy, the setting up of public enterprises that deal with managing the fundamental infrastructures to ensure a sustainable and circular function of waste, water and public transport”: This is the first proposal of the party led by the former mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, on waste. No numbers or ideas on how to finance these businesses. The second is “Discourage the production, distribution and use of disposable products or difficult to repair and the use of incinerators. Yes to composting and separate waste treatment. No more landfills“. Everything in the program is very, too generic.

In the Democratic Party program the word “waste” never appears nor is anything said about it. Yet it is a structural issue, both from an environmental point of view and from that of the fight against eco-mafia. A incomprehensible choice for Enrico Letta’s team.

Center-right (Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia)

The common program of the center-right (defined “Framework Agreement”By the signatories) devotes only a short point to waste. The cartel proposes the definition of a new one circular economy plan able to “reduce the consumption of resources natural, increase the qualitative and quantitative level of recycling waste, reduce landfilling, transform waste into renewable energy through the construction of innovative and sustainable plants“.

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