clear spaces and rising temperatures

clear spaces and rising temperatures
clear spaces and rising temperatures
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The depression, which has brought about the instability of the past few days, is taking place in Eastern Europe; it gives way first to dry currents from the northern quadrants at high altitude, then to the protrusion of an anticyclonic promontory from North Africa towards the central-western Mediterranean; this results in an increase in clear areas in our region except for a limited return of cloudiness at the end of the period with a tendency, especially during the day in the mountains, to a recovery in temperatures“: These the forecast for the Venetocontained in the usual bulletin prepared by the experts Arpav.

Today residual variability, with clear spaces, even large ones, and some cloud densities, especially in the mountain areas, where some rain is more likely, even if it is a downpour or thunderstorm.

Tomorrow sky in the plain generally clear or partly cloudy, in the mountains at first clear or partly cloudy and then partly cloudy due to some cumulative activity; in the first hours, some local reduction of visibility on the flat areas is not excluded.
Precipitation: Low probability (5-25%) in the mountains of modest local phenomena in the afternoon, zero or very low (0-5%) in the plains of occasional rain.
Temperatures: The minimums will undergo limited local variations, the maximums will increase a little.
Winds: At high altitude, moderate to weak north-westerly; elsewhere generally weak with variable direction, except at the most occasional moderate reinforcements from the eastern quadrants on the coast.
Sea: Almost calm, or at most temporarily a little moved offshore.

Monday 12 clear or partly cloudy skies.
Precipitation: Absent.
Temperatures: Limited local variations.
Winds: At high altitude, at times weak and at times moderate, from the north-west; elsewhere mainly weak with variable direction, except for some moderate reinforcement from the eastern quadrants on the plain.
Sea: Generally almost calm.

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Tuesday 13 mostly cloudy sky, with wide clear spaces and probable entry of some high clouds in the second part of the day; the minimum temperatures will undergo an increase at altitude and little significant variations elsewhere, for the maximums a slightly more significant increase is expected in the mountains.

Wednesday 14 mostly cloudy skies; in the afternoon, some local precipitation in the mountains will be possible; for temperatures, a moderate increase will prevail.

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