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IGP brand for a Sardinian bottarga, the Region accelerates – Sardinia

IGP brand for a Sardinian bottarga, the Region accelerates – Sardinia
IGP brand for a Sardinian bottarga, the Region accelerates – Sardinia
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Councilor Murgia in Cabras, “product protection and enhancement”

(ANSA) – CABRAS, 10 SEPTEMBER – The Region is tightening the pace for the Igp, protected geographical indication, of Sardinian bottarga. This was announced today by the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Gabriella Murgia, in Cabras for the Festival dedicated to the gold of the sea. “It will serve to protect and enhance our production in the best possible way, distinguishing it on the market from competitors. It is an extraordinary product – he underlined – with a strong identity, which assumes growing economic importance in light of the growing demand from organized distribution and everything else. the Horeca channel, in particular catering, capable of feeding a consistent flow of exports to foreign countries “.

From an economic point of view, the councilor recalled, the data show an overall average annual production of about 850 tons of fish, mainly mullet and molluscs, of which 164 tons collected in the Cabras lagoon alone.

“From a social point of view – he added – the importance of the activity carried out in our fish compendiums should be emphasized, which allows us to ensure employment for over 1,000 employees at a regional level and to favor a consistent induced activity in all the territories concerned. Municipality of Cabras 11 cooperatives and the Consortium representing them are involved in this activity. The 180 members involved are one of the most important economic realities of the economy of this territory “.

For this reason, explained the exponent of the Giunta Solinas, “the Region has begun to plan interventions in support of the sector in a multi-year perspective, favoring the financing of structural interventions that ensure better oxygenation of the waters with the aim of safeguarding the fauna and flora hosted by the fish compendiums of Sardinia. An initial regulatory intervention on the subject, included in the Omnibus law, has allocated regional resources of 2 million euros per year for the three-year period 2021/2023 “. Soon, the councilor then announced, “the programming of the Feampa, the new European Fund for fisheries and aquaculture that will bring about 36 million euros for Sardinia in the period 2023/2027 will be launched”. (HANDLE).


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