Christian Giordano, Mayor of Vietri di Potenza, is the new President of the Province of Potenza

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Sunday 11 September 2022 – The Mayor of Vietri di Potenza, Christian Giordano (PD-M5S) is the new President of the Province of Potenza.
He won with 1947 “weighted” votes of difference, compared to the 2nd place (the Mayor of Cancellara, Genzano).
The RED ballot was decisive, on which the mayors and councilors of municipalities with a population between 10,000 and 15,000 inhabitants voted.

Green 535 (City Power)
Rossa 211 (> 10,000 Melfi Sink Lauria Rionero)
Gray 122 (> 5,000)
Orange 76 (> 3,000)
Blue 34 (<3.000

As soon as he was elected President Giordano made this statement.

“We are really satisfied with this result. We believed it. We have done a great team work. It was a real miracle to collect the signatures in just one day.
If we won these provincial elections with the Pd and M5S, there is a meaning. My hope is that this should be a starting point also in view of the next appointments after 25 September.

The idea is to build a truly wide, inclusive field with all those forces that can somehow contain the right.
This result will certainly do the center-left good. It is clear that this must make us reflect and must make us reflect on a future collaboration that is different from the current one.

As for the priorities on which we must work, certainly the safety of schools and roads. We have the idea of ​​relaunching the Province, of making it innovative, virtuous, starting from what is already in place, completing it and above all looking to the future and to the many possibilities that exist.

I obviously thank the many administrators who have supported me in recent days. It was a very tough election campaign and it was only thanks to their collaboration that we were able to achieve this result. I will also take this into account for the future.
My idea of ​​the Province is to collaborate with all the local administrators so that each of them can be a sentinel on the territory and can help me in the development of our province ”.

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