Little is missing for the return to Sicily of Enrico Brignano

Little is missing for the return to Sicily of Enrico Brignano
Little is missing for the return to Sicily of Enrico Brignano
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Double Sicilian appointment for the new Enrico Brignano show. “But … let’s talk about you!” will be staged on September 16 at the Ancient Theater of Taormina and on September 17 at the Teatro di Verdura in Palermo.

Enrico Brignano describes his show as follows: «Today it is common practice to speak of yourself, while the ‘she’ seems to be something archaic and formal. To say, when they call you from the call center to discuss, I know, the telephone rate, or to propose to invest the inheritance of pora grandma in crypto currencies, they use the lei, probably to make it more difficult for you to send them to that country. The “you” is bureaucratic, it is used with the police or in the municipality, but the “you” that is replacing it is empty, it does not carry with it that true confidence, that familiarity that I mean.
Lately then, after the pandemic that has sharpened distances, the you has become even more a matter of form, but not of substance. And since I am a man of substance – you should understand just by looking at me – I would like to recover that YOU that we have lost along the way. And I also add that MA that resets everything, that clears the distances, whether they are social, economic or age. Age … lately I have noticed that because of my age more and more people tend to call me her, a she that is as painful as a pang of sciatica, which is more annoying and irritating than when I find myself pulling myself up from the sofa exclaiming: “Hoplà”. I know that the expression “young Roman comedian” must begin to remove the “young”. Not that I deny my age, that is there and you have to keep it; indeed, it makes me more authoritative. It almost seems that the things I say are reliable! However, when I talk to people, I want to speak to them, I want to take a certain confidence to tell in an intimate way the pitfalls of the world, from technology, useful but treacherous, to the various economic, ecological and health crises. I also have a couple of notes to make about love and sex, about personal and social relationships, about certain oddities of these times … yes, I have a lot to talk about ‘. And sometimes even to complain. “But don’t you Brignano know that complaining is typical of elderly people?”; “Of course I know. But she, what … give me the tu! ».

Tickets are available online on TicketOne and in the sales points of the Sicilia Ticket circuit. Tickets will also be available at theater box offices on the night of the show.

The article is in Italian

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