Fight against swine fever: Solinas satisfaction with the end of the export ban | News

Fight against swine fever: Solinas satisfaction with the end of the export ban | News
Fight against swine fever: Solinas satisfaction with the end of the export ban | News
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Solinas: “Sardinia recognized as a virtuous model for countries facing emergencies today”

Sardegna Live editorial staff

The turning point in November 2021, with the results of a new audit: “We have received recommendations from Brussels that we have already satisfied thanks to a series of measures that have convinced the European Commission. In particular, we have strengthened the surveillance of the wild and the domestic. We intervened on the registration of the garments and thanks to the collaboration of the companies we were able to align the data ensuring continuous control and monitoring. Suffice it to say that the IZS data warehouse provides access to data in real time to all the institutional subjects involved. All this was possible thanks to a synergistic work that involved and involves, in addition to the Region, the Zooprophylactic Institute of Sardinia, the veterinary services of the ASL, the Forestry, the Municipalities, the hunters and the companies themselves “.

“Today that African Swine Fever is rampant in several European countries – declares the governor – Sardinia can be seen as a virtuous model, an example and a hope for those facing this terrible emergency”. The market prospects deriving from the removal of restrictions on pig products are important. “It is enough to look at the numbers”, the President explains. Pig farms on the island are less than 13,000 (second region in Italy after Calabria) with 163,000 heads (sixth region), with an average of about 12 farmed animals (70% of these farms also breed other animal species) , while the national average is 73 animals.

“Sardinian pig production is an expression of quality and tradition that can be an important engine for the relaunch of our economy linked to the countryside and December 15 could represent a turning point for not only the sector, but for the entire economy linked to to the campaign and for related industries ”, concludes President Solinas.

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The “Io (R) Esisto” fund is nearing completion: 2,059 autonomous companies paid in August

In Sardinia

Payments to all beneficiaries by October

Unfinished public works decrease in Sardinia, Solinas:

In Sardinia


“The realization of public works represents one of the objectives that as a Region we want to continue to pursue decisively and effectively”

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Almost one million arrivals in Sardinia in the first twenty days of August

In Sardinia

“Tourism is confirmed as a leading sector of the Sardinian economy and this season represents the symbol of the relaunch” says President Solinas

Health crisis in Ogliastra. Corrias (Pd) writes to Solinas:


“The Lanusei hospital is in great pain: the birth point is no longer there, Cardiology has closed its doors, the ER is the antechamber of nothingness”

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