Campania, brucellosis. Piscitelli (FDI): “Good tractors in the square, but the question is Roman. Certain of Giorgia Meloni’s commitment”

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Naples, 10 September – “Any initiative aimed at stopping the indiscriminate killing due to suspected brucellosis of Caserta buffalo heads is certainly welcome. So, well, indeed very well the tractors in the square “. This was stated by the regional councilor of the Brothers of Italy Alfonso Piscitelli.

“However – adds -, given the obstinacy with which the regional institutions intend to carry out the eradication of farms rather than infections or presumed infections, it is clear that the question must be brought to Rome.

As for me, and I affirm this as a regional councilor who absolutely does not intend to give up on the establishment of a commission of inquiry, I will fight to the last breath so that our candidates bring the dispute to the table of the new government and, even more so so that our leader, who will be in Caserta in a few days, already gives a clear and unequivocal sign of the will to restore justice and dignity to buffalo breeders victims of the Deluchian malapolitics ”.

“I trust little, but I always hope so, in an awakening of the majority regional councilors, especially from Caserta, I trust a lot in the Brothers of Italy who more than any other center-right political force has always been able to keep their guard up without ifs and without but”concludes Piscitelli.

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