The Toscanini Jazz Orchestra at the Alloro Fest

The Toscanini Jazz Orchestra at the Alloro Fest
The Toscanini Jazz Orchestra at the Alloro Fest
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The “Toscanini Jazz Orchestra” will perform atAlloro Fest on 12 September at 8.30 pm in Via Giardino dei Giusti in Palermo. Entirely made up of students from the Schools of Brass and the Jazz Department of the Institute, the Toscanini Jazz Orchestra was born from a project proposed and implemented by Maestro Giacomo TantilloYamaha artist of international fame as well as teacher of the Academic Courses of Trumpet and Jazz Trumpet, who takes care of the direction.

The protagonists, as Soloists and Orchestra Musicians, are the young and very young students of the Conservatory, flanked by some teachers of the Jazz Department of the Institute which already boasts important productions and recent collaborations with renowned artists such as Paolo Fresu, prestigious prizes in National Competitions, as well as participation in important festivals such as the Sicily Jazz Festival and events of national and international importance sponsored by the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Sicilian Region under the aegis of the Ministry of University and Research.

The program includes pieces from different styles of the jazz repertoire and from renowned authors who have made the History of Jazz as well as original pieces by the same Toscanini professors such as Alberto Maniaci and Giacomo Tantillo.

Music by:, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin, Arturo Sandoval, Richard Rodgers, Ray Henderson, Irvin Berlin, Sonny Rollins and Chuck Mangione.


Director, Giacomo Tantillo

Presents: Valeria Milazzo

Soloists: Voices Alessandro Visco, Eleonora Tomasino, Miriam Versaci

Soloists Teachers: Angelo di Leonforte (piano), Luca Nostro (guitar)



1st Trumpet Virzì Ivan,

1st Trumpet Giuseppe Guastella,

2nd Trumpet Domenico Pullara

3rd Trumpet Giuseppe Coffaro

4th Trumpet Vincenzo Boccellato.



1st Trombone Gabriele Spitaleri

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2nd Trombone Salvatore Nania

3rd Trombone Giuseppe Spallino,

4th Trombone Carmelo Pecoraro / Calogero Ferruzza.


Clarinet, Alto Sax: Vincenzo Salvaggio

1st Alto Sax Formica Romina,

2nd Alto Sax Carmelo Marino

1st Tenor Sax Alessandro Scibetta

2nd Tenor Sax Francesco Patti;

Piano / Piano Sinth– Angelo Di Leonforte

Guitar- Roberto Sclafani, Calogero Bruno

Contrabass Giorgio Di Benedetto;

Drums / Percussion– Giuseppe Oliveri, Francesco Cavallino

Music by: Benny Goodman, Sonny Rollins, Irvin Berlin, Thad Jones, …. Alberto Maniaci and Giacomo Tantillo

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