22 new car parks in Val Vomano

22 new car parks in Val Vomano
22 new car parks in Val Vomano
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Extraordinary maintenance work has been completed on the parking lot adjacent to Via Fedele Romani in the Val Vomano hamlet.

Specifically, the road surface was extended and maintained with the construction of 22 stalls for cars, one of which was intended for the parking of vehicles for pregnant women or parents with children up to two years of age and one reserved for people. with disabilities and the arrangement of the perimeter walls.

The works were financed thanks to the contribution of the Abruzzo Region and the Municipality’s own funds.

“The redeveloped parking lot, located in front of the primary school in the Val Vomano hamlet, also in view of the next reopening, will be at the service of students and families and the general road network of that area”, commented the Mayor Severino Serrani. “A special thanks goes to the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Regional Council Umberto D’Annuntiis for the attention shown towards the needs of the territories and above all of the small municipalities”, concludes the Mayor.

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