“Let’s raise Molise with a law that tackles all problems”

“Let’s raise Molise with a law that tackles all problems”
“Let’s raise Molise with a law that tackles all problems”
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Lorenzo Cesa’s project: “Let’s raise Molise with a law with fundamental cornerstones”

TERMOLI. An interview that focused on Lorenzo Cesa’s political project, undisputed leader of the UDC, candidate for the uninominal of the Chamber in Molise for the center-right.

“The only solution to revive Molise is a law with fundamental cornerstones,” says Lorenzo Cesa.

He has always loved Molise, having had Molise friends for over 40 years, including Florindo D’Aimmo and Girolamo La Penna.

Fight against depopulation, economy, infrastructure, the elderly and health care are the foundations that the political grouping, headed by Cesa, Lupi, Toti and Brugnaro “Noi Moderati”, has in the political programming for the next 2022-2027 legislature.

«It is inconceivable – declares the Honorable Cesa – that a region like Molise, which enjoys a highly strategic geographical position, experiences a frightening infrastructural backwardness.

The campaign has come to life and pushes me to do more and more. I am visiting the local realities. A small but beautiful region trying to understand what are the problems that we will have to face next.

Speaking with the administrators, with the categories, with those who do social and we have identified the topics. At the first point there is the issue of health to be addressed. It is not possible for this region to remain a police station, it needs to go back into the hands of local politics. The state must take charge of a reality of 300,000 inhabitants, with 136 municipalities. It is not possible to manage health care in this way.

The second point concerns the viability and then there is the depopulation of the territory. There are too many young people who leave this region.


We have to think about them and do what we do in other European states. To tax young couples, for this we would need a bill done well.

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I feel very Molise because I have so many friends here. I know these places well.

Representing this territory means giving concrete answers to the problems that afflict this region.

I have been a Christian Democrat since birth and here I had strong ties with D’Aimmo and La Penna. I dealt with industrial realities that were born and I had relationships with many people.

To make this region grow it is necessary with political motions made of concreteness. We campaign by saying what we want to do. We will win the elections and change the country and relaunch it.

We must have trust and hope, and we give it through concrete acts. Let’s give back hope to Molise ».

Cesa reiterated that he had received a great welcome from the Molisans. He underlined the traits of humanity and cordiality, but not only. The far-sightedness of several entrepreneurs who have focused on renewable energies, undergoing much less the speculative bubble of energy costs, which are strangling the country, both businesses and families, is even highlighted.

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