“We will return its water resources to Irpinia”

“We will return its water resources to Irpinia”
“We will return its water resources to Irpinia”
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Fulvio Bonavitacola announced the agreement between Campania regions and Puglia on the water withdrawals from Irpinia springs. Governor Vincenzo De Luca (absent from today’s meeting in the Sala Grasso of Palazzo Caracciolo, due to institutional commitments) had anticipated this by speaking at the inauguration of the AIR bus station.

“The transfer of water resources from Irpinia to Puglia dates back to the last century. In 1994, the ‘Galli Law’ required that transfers between regions be regulated through specific agreements ”, thus begins the vice-president of the Campania Regional Council. This law, again, established that all surface and underground waters are public and human consumption has priority over other uses, which are allowed when the resource is sufficient provided that they do not affect the quality of the water for human consumption “.

“We, together with the Puglia Region, have created the first real agreement on the transfer of water resources. It was not a walk – he stresses – our interest was to return the water resources of Cassano and Montella to Irpinia. We needed to find a compromise with Puglia and this took two years of work. Now, the Regional Council has approved this complex resolution on last Tuesday ”.

“In five years, 90% of the resources will be returned to Irpinia”

Vice-president Bonavitacola then described the characteristics of the agreement: “Within five years, 90% of the resources will be returned to Irpinia. Already in the first two years we will see a major return of water. One of the pitfalls we thwarted was the provisional takeover of the gallery. In Italy, unfortunately, there is nothing more definitive than provisional things. Our weapon was to stick to the tunnel if we reached an agreement on the water ”.

“The division of the districts of Avellino and Benevento will lighten the work of Alto Calore”

The Region is working for a division of the districts of Avellino and Benevento: “The municipalities now have the opportunity to decide how to use these funds. The problem of water networks, on the other hand, is above all dispersion. We must recover the resources but, of course, we must also avoid that the latter are lost in the sieve net. We recently approved two related resolutions: the establishment of a regional management of strategic infrastructures and a division between the Irpinia and Samnite districts – explains Bonavitacola – this is because, those networks that today are part of a single district are not borne by the Region. , but of the High Heat. With the division of the two districts, however, those networks will become supra-district, becoming part of the district of the Region. Naturally, we are talking about networks that have a crazy consumption and this maneuver will also make it possible to improve the management of Alto Calore which, in this way, will be able to fully regain coverage of the Irpinia area ”he concludes.

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