ReggioTV – News – Great success for “Odyssey. Tales of a trip to Greek Calabria”

ReggioTV – News – Great success for “Odyssey. Tales of a trip to Greek Calabria”
ReggioTV – News – Great success for “Odyssey. Tales of a trip to Greek Calabria”
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Great success for the “Odissea” project which animated the Bovese summer in August with various shows by well-known Calabrian artists. Many cultural and artistic initiatives aimed at enhancing and promoting the “Pietro Timpano” Municipal Library; inside which several valuable and valuable works are kept mainly in Italian, Greek and Grecanic, the latter recognized as an endemic minority language of the Grecanica area of ​​which Bova Marina (Jalò tu Vua) and Bova (Chora tu Vua) they are the two moral and cultural centers. This is what we read in a note.
The “Odyssey” project, with the artistic direction of the actor Gigi Miseferi, is promoted and implemented by the Municipality of Bova Marina with the co-financing of the Calabria Region as part of the “public notice for the support of animation activities in cultural heritage_annuality 2020 – post code 2007/2013 “.
The leitmotif of the project – continues the note – is the theme of travel and storytelling through various forms of storytelling: a journey through art, a journey through history, a journey into myth, a journey through traditions and finally, a journey as an experience that generates memory. The workshops and the planned artistic activities all have as a background the theme of the journey and the story, the aim of which is the recovery of local traditions to remember the history and the memory engraved in the places.
Inside the library, in the courtyard and in the adjacent square, artistic, cultural and educational events of great quality will also be held for the month of September with national and regional artists who will stage original and unpublished works narrating places and stories of Greek Calabria .
In the “Odyssey” program – we read again – numerous activities are aimed at training for young people, children and the elderly with the activation of free laboratories, workshops and cultural meetings that will take place from 11 to 30 September in the Library Municipal of Bova Marina.
The planned initiatives are: a comic theater workshop conceived by the Calabria association behind the scenes and held by Calabrian actors Gigi Miseferi, Gennaro Calabrese and Rocco Barbaro, a theater-dance workshop for disabled children directed by the Reggio choreographer Giovanni Battista Gangemi, a creative laboratory of animated reading for children curated by the actor Silvio Cacciatore, a 3D scenography laboratory with the scenographer of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro Claudio Cosentino, a Grecanico laboratory curated by the teacher Salvatore Dieni, a creative laboratory of street- art curated by the Calliurghia association, Consulta Giovanile and the artist Sara Tuscano, a Calabrian lira laboratory with the artisan from Bovese Francesco Siviglia, an environmental and English-language recycling laboratory for children curated by the Proloco di Bova Marina.
Three literary meetings organized by Città del Sole editions, with the presentation of texts by Calabrian authors and suggestive scenic readings interpreted by young actors. There is also space for shows: on September 17 with the children’s opera “Kamishibai. Once upon a time ”, on September 30th the comedy show of the actor Rocco Barbaro and on September 24th the final essay of the soul and theater reading workshop will be held. The program will be completed – concludes the note – by the photographic exhibition “Journey into the Greek Aspromonte”, an evocative photographic journey to narrate landscapes, places and traditions of the centers falling on the Ionian belt of the Aspromonte park (Condofuri, Gallicianò, Roccaforte del Greco, Roghudi, Bova), where the most evident traces of the Magna Graecia culture remain.

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