Covid Campania, the Coronavirus bulletin of today 10 September

Covid Campania, the Coronavirus bulletin of today 10 September
Covid Campania, the Coronavirus bulletin of today 10 September
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The Ministry of Health has issued a circular which incorporates the indications already received a few days ago by Aifa. As a priority, the new formulations are intended for those who have to undergo a fourth dose – such as over 60, frail and healthcare personnel – and for those over 12 years old and yet to receive the third dose.

A new phase is about to open in vaccination campaign against the COVID-19. The Ministry of Health has published a circular which identifies i main recipients of the new ones bivalent drugsformulated both to act against the Wuhan virus strain and against Omicron (BA.1), usable as recalls. The vaccines in question, produced by Pfizer to Modernareceived the green light from Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) and Ema (European Medicines Agency) in the past few days

The document states first of all that bivalent vaccines are recommended as a priority “to those who still are waiting to receive the second booster dose“, then the fourth dose. It is in particular the frail subjects and those over 60. The circular then mentions explicitly health workers, workers and guests of residential facilities for the elderly and pregnant women

Add the citizens “of age over 12 yearswhich have at least completed a primary course of vaccination”, To which the bivalent vaccine will therefore be administered as a third and not as a fourth dose. In all cases, inoculation is foreseen “regardless of the vaccine used for the completion of the primary cycle” and “with the timing already foreseen for the same.” Therefore also to administer the new vaccines must pass at least 120 days from the last dose received

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