Grifo, finally the first acute! Ascoli condemned thanks to Strizzolo to the first knockout of the season and in eight days there is the derby

Grifo, finally the first acute! Ascoli condemned thanks to Strizzolo to the first knockout of the season and in eight days there is the derby
Grifo, finally the first acute! Ascoli condemned thanks to Strizzolo to the first knockout of the season and in eight days there is the derby
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(UNWEB) Perugia. Fabrizio Castori, poised after the first not exciting results, had said it: in the most difficult moments men come out. And the men, in the presence of an Ascoli who had presented himself to the Curi with a curriculum to make your wrists tremble, went out and great. Perugia, thanks to a game of great self-denial and tactical sense, especially in the second half, won 1-0, condemning the bianconeri from the Marches to their first knockout of the season. There is certainly to be happy given what could have been the premises, but woe to get excited and think that this victory has solved the problems: Sunday 18 there is the derby at Liberati and certainly it will be a proof of great importance, at gives some intrinsic value to this match.

DIFFICULT CHOICES – Given the delicate moment, Castori is forced to make some important decisions. In defense out Angella, in Dell’Orco, recovered in extremis; midfield that sees the debut of Bartolomei to the detriment of Vulic and the confirmations of Santoro and Paz respectively in the center and on the left. Front Strizzolo is designated to team up with Di Carmine. The Ascoli of the suspended Bucchi chooses Eramo in place of Caligara, who was also on foot by the sports judge, and Falzerano in the trident with Gondo and Bidaoui.

LITTLE SHOW, BUT … – The theme of the match is clear right away: the bianconeri try to build interesting plots, without however becoming dangerous except for two initiatives, on 11 ‘with Bidauoi and on 40’ with Gondo (good in both circumstances Gori), and the compact Perugia to wait and leave. The field once again does not allow certain plays, but the best opportunities are precisely for the Grifo: the most gigantic one in the 32nd minute with Di Carmine, who all alone in front of Baumann kicks out. At 42 ‘, however, Strizzolo, served by a cross from Casaola on which the Ascoli defense is guilty discovered, puts it flat under the crossbar and allows Curi to let out a liberating scream. Doubling would not be a heresy, but a punishment of the usual Casasola is not corrected on goal by any red and white player and so he goes to rest.

SHINY MANAGEMENT OF THE RESULT – At the beginning of the second half Castori makes a move that is perhaps unpopular, but effective: out of Strizzolo, inside Kouan, who practically plays under the spot. Perugia closes ranks and concedes little or nothing to the opponent, indeed they could still score with Di Carmine who at 57 ‘fails to bag a center from Casasola also thanks to Baumann’s opposition. Four minutes of recovery with an agitated finish, but the red and white dam holds and allows the team to conquer this result of truly capital importance.


PERUGIA: 1 Gori, 13 Luperini, 15 Dell’Orco, 16 Bartolomei, 17 Paz, 18 Di Carmine (27 ‘st 9 Melchiorri), 21 Curado, 24 Casasola, 25 Santoro (17’ st 4 Iannoni), 41 Strizzolo (1 ′ St 28 Kouan), 97 Sgarbi. Available: 12 Furlan (GK), 2 Rosi, 3 Righetti, 5 Angella, 6 Vulikic, 7 Vulic, 11 Olivieri, 20 Di Serio, 33 Beghetto. Herds Beavers

ASCOLI: 46 Baumann, 15 Gondo, 18 Collocolo (31 ′ st 17 Adjapong), 20 Donati (31 ′ st 7 Lungoyi), 23 Falzerano (1 ′ st 9 Dionisi), 26 Bidaoui (19 ′ st 90 Pedro Mendes), 27 Eramo, 33 Botteghin, 54 Falasco, 55 Bellusci, 77 Buchel (19 ‘st 32 Giovane). Available: 12 Bill (GK), 13 Guarna (GK)), 2 Salvi, 5 Quaranta, 21 Giordano, 99 Fontana. Herds Savini (Bucchi disqualified)

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REFEREE: Marco Piccinini from Forlì (Alessio Tolfo from Pordenone and Francesca Di Monte from Chieti) 4th official: Dario Madonia from Palermo. VAR: Federico Dionisi from L’Aquila AVAR: Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi from Livorno.

NETWORKS: 41 ′ pt Strizzolo

NOTES: hot day. 5680 spectators (1668 season tickets) of which 1086 guests were present. Booked: Bartolomei, Bellusci, Donati, Giovane

Enrico Fanelli – Umbria Web News

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