Serie B – Super Cup, Geko Sant’Antimo: debut ok against Virtus Pozzuoli

Serie B – Super Cup, Geko Sant’Antimo: debut ok against Virtus Pozzuoli
Serie B – Super Cup, Geko Sant’Antimo: debut ok against Virtus Pozzuoli
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A long and concrete Geko rules Virtus Pozzuoli in the first round of the Super Cup and enters the round of 32 in which she will cross Taranto (winning over Corato, played in Puglia on Wednesday evening). For coach Gandini several positive notes, both from the veterans (in double figures Maggio, Sgobba and Quarisa) and from the younger ones with Montanari and an Anaekwe with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

THE MATCH – The first official starting five of coach Marco Gandini for the 22-23 season is with Maggio in the direction, Mennella and Scali guards and the Sgobba-quarisa couple presiding over the scoreboards. To open the derby is a Simonetti basket, Geko responds with Mennella and a defense that wants to be aggressive right from the two-ball but at 5 ‘the guests are still ahead (9-10). The first changes arrive on both fronts, but to sign the first break for the hosts is those who were already on the pitch, Sgobba and Quarisa, matadors in the 18-12 of the 8th minute. The first quarter then goes to the archive at 21-16, but at 14 ‘comes the second Santantime break with Maggio (2) and Cannavina putting 3 triples in 50 ”fixing the 34-18 which forces coach Spinelli to time out. The Flegrei do not give up, Cucco and Francesco Spinelli keep them in their wake but at the interval along the Geko they are still ahead of 16 on 44-28. Geko’s margin widens again at the start of the second half, Montanari and Sgobba give a new shock to the game and on 24 ‘the result is 56-30. At 30 ‘there are still 24 points that divide the two teams, with Gandini having good things also from the under Cannavina and Anaekwe, but it is then the triples of the veterans Maggio and Cantone to break down the wall of +30 (78-46) at the 34 ‘.

COACH GANDINI’S WORDS – “The boys played the game we wanted, we had a somewhat confusing start but then we took measures to our opponents. “

(21-16, 44-28; 67-43)
GEKO: May 19, Mennella 6, Scali 1, Sgobba 15, Quarisa 12; Cantone 8, Montanari 10, Coralic, Sabatino, Cannavina 7, Anaekwe 10. All .: Gandini.
POZZUOLI: Cucco 12, Spinelli 8, Simonetti 2, Mehmedoviq 10, Thiam 4; Izzo, Cagnacci 5, Miaffo, Venier 6, Scotto Lavina, Greggi 4, Tamani 7. All .: Spinelli.
REFEREES: Agnese and Manganiello.
NOTES – free throws: Geko 9/20; Pozzuoli 15/22. Nobody got out for five fouls.


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