Paganini lashes out against Spalletti: “He shouldn’t have done that”

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The attitude taken by has created quite a bit of controversy Luciano Spalletti in the moment immediately following the network of Giacomo Raspadoriwho delivered victory and three points to Napoli in this afternoon’s match against Luca Gotti’s Spezia.

A moment of absolute euphoria but also of very warm spirits, with the Tuscan coach who let himself go in an exultation that was anything but calm not only towards his bench but also and above all towards the position occupied by the La Spezia people. In fact, after the former Sassuolo’s network that unlocked a 0 to 0 that now seemed to be imprinted, the cameras they caught Luciano Spalletti cheering blatantly against Luca Gotti, his staff and the other players on the bench.

Paolo Paganini Spalletti

Seconds of fury obviously carried out under the eyes of the fourth man Valerio Marini of Rome 1, who reported everything to Massimiliano Irrati of Pistoia, who did not think about it too much before wave the second yellow to the former Roma and Inter coach, who had just been booked for protests due to wasting time on opponents. Subsequently red also exposed Fabrizio Lorieri, the coach of the guests’ goalkeepers, by reaction.

Scenes seen and commented on by the experts, who were divided between those who support Luciano Spalletti and criticize the La Spezia players for having started it all, and those who instead indicate the former Roma and Inter coach, as guilty of having exaggerated in the ways. Among all there is Paolo Paganinicorrespondent and commentator of Rai Sportwho on his Twitter profile made it known that he did not like the attitude of the Certaldo coach.


I expressed solidarity with Spalletti for the events in Florence that struck him, but today, after Napoli-Spezia, I did not understand his exultation broken up against the opposing bench. Spezia has always been his second home. It takes respect ”.

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