Earthquakes and reconstruction, conference of geologists in the Marche

Earthquakes and reconstruction, conference of geologists in the Marche
Earthquakes and reconstruction, conference of geologists in the Marche
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The conference is organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the earthquake that hit the Marche Apennines hard on 26 October 2016. Geologists announce: “We will present document on future reconstructions”

TO exactly six years after the earthquake that the October 26 of 2016 powerfully shook theMarche Apennines, the Order of Geologists of the Marche and the National Council of Geologists are organizing a conference that will probably be held in Camerino. Seat of one of the most important and historic Italian universities, but also one of the centers most damaged by the earthquake.

New skills
“Today we can say without hypocrisy that those dramatic events also offered achance: the earthquake of 26 October 2016, the strongest ever to occur in Italy since that of Irpinia in 1980, gave a strong impulse to scientific research and thanks to the commitment of geologists from the Marche region today we know, with much more precision than before, how and where to rebuild within the area affected by the earthquakethe so-called crater “say the geologists in a note. The results of these studies and this field experience will be told and discussed on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the earthquake in Central Italy.

The event will be organized in concert with the Network of the Marche Technical Professions, always at the forefront of contributing to the technical, urban, social and economic rebirth of the territories affected by the seismic event: the members of the regional orders of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Experts will be invited, as well as the Commissarial structure, the Civil Protection national and regional and regional and local administrators. It will therefore be a high-profile event, also open to citizensan opportunity to illustrate at what point is the reconstruction worknetworking between technical professions, the real beating heart of reconstruction, but also to discuss what worked and what worked how to improve what hindered or slowed down reconstruction of the realities affected, in a scenario that involved considerable bureaucratic difficulties, especially for technicians and citizens. Sometimes unavoidable, other times much less.

The fruit of the conference
During the conference on October 26, an attempt will be made to produce an important document at national level: a sort of vademecum on all the useful and necessary technical aspects for any future post-earthquake reconstruction. In fact, we must not forget that, since 2017, the geologists of the area have been involved and commissioned by the Government for the largest seismic microzonation of third level never realized. On the whole crater, for a total of 138 municipalities, the surveys conducted in recent years have made it possible to know, in the greatest detail possible today, the response of the territory to seismic stresses. Precisely this type of survey allows to reduce the unknowns and to base the reconstruction on certain data, providing area by area valuable information on the type of technique and of materials to be used, or to utterly advise against any intervention, in cases where the conditions of the subsoil suggest excessive risks in the event of new tremors. For the first time in Italy, in fact, during the post-earthquake reconstruction actions, geological situations were studied that would have compromised the reconstruction of some centers and nuclei.

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(Source: Geologists Order of the Marches)


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