29-year-old lumberjack dies overwhelmed by a wood cart, the dynamics

29-year-old lumberjack dies overwhelmed by a wood cart, the dynamics
29-year-old lumberjack dies overwhelmed by a wood cart, the dynamics
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Drama about work in the province of Sondrio: a young 29-year-old woodcutter lost his life in Val Tartano, overwhelmed by a wood cart

Posted on: 09-10-2022 22:36


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Tragedy in the province of Sondrio. A young 29-year-old lumberjack died in Val Tartano in the morning of today, Saturday 10 September, after being run over by a trolley used as a cableway for transporting wood.

Drama in the woods

According to the first reconstructions, reports the agency Adnkronos, the 29-year-old he would have been hit by a cableway while he was busy cutting down some trees.

After the alarm, they arrived on the scene the helicopter of the doctors of Areu Sondrio, the mountain rescue, the carabinieri and the firefighters. Unfortunately, rescue attempts were useless. The alarm was raised around 7.45 am.

Dynamics to be clarified

After having ascertained his death, the body of the young lumberjack was transported downstreamto then be led to the mortuary.

The dynamics are being ascertained. They will in fact be the carabinieri of the Compagnia di Sondrio and the inspectors of Ats della Montagna, with their investigations, to reconstruct the exact dynamics of what happened.

Yet another accident at work in Lombardy

This is the umpteenth accident at work that is recorded in Lombardy.


The place of the accident, in Val Tartano

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On Thursday 1 September, after two days of agony, the 32-year-old died from a height of 8 meters, while he was installing rockfall nets on a rocky wall in the municipality of Averara (Bergamo).

On August 31, however, a 59-year-old worker died framed in a machine in an iron grid company in the province of Varese.

helicopter rescue

Photo Source: ANSA

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