The shock blitz of the antagonists: 50 beat the militants of the League

The shock blitz of the antagonists: 50 beat the militants of the League
The shock blitz of the antagonists: 50 beat the militants of the League
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The climate of hatred fueled by the left continues to generate acts of unprecedented violence that bring the hands back years. We thought that ambushes were something consigned to history, to be read and studied in books as a warning not to make the same mistakes. Instead, the chronicles of the last few hours bring us back to reality, with death threats by the BR and assaults by the antagonists on the center-right militants. The umpteenth episode is denounced by Leaguewhich calls for the intervention of the institutions.

We were still setting up the gazebo and we were attacked by about 50 people all in black T-shirts and black flags, who started beating us with the sticks of our flags. Many women they were attacked in an indecent way. Anyone who says that we in the League are undemocratic tonight should reflect, to understand what happened here. I thank the police who intervened quickly“, declared the provincial commissioner of the League, Nicola Pierruccini, recounting the moments of the aggression suffered this evening by a group of party militants in Marina di Carrara. Some militants were transported by ambulance to the hospital.

League militants beaten also with flagpoles (including women), a person who requested medical attention, gazebos and tables devastated. Very serious anarchist aggression in Marina di Carrara: in recent weeks we have endured threats and vandalism throughout Italy, from this moment the limit has been passed. It was a beating organized by at least 50 unleashed violent people. It is the result of weeks of delegitimization of the League, also by the center-left which insists on muddying and shouting about the democratic danger. To the Interior Ministry is there anyone?“, reads a note from the party led by Matteo Salvini.

Susanna CeccardiMEP of the Northern League, in a video he told what happened in the previous hours: “It was a very serious event as it has not happened for years in this region. Unfortunately here there are still some undemocratic upsurge in the region and in the province“. The assailants”they were unleashed men and women. Here in the center of Marina di Carrara, with many people walking quietly. It is a very serious fact. We will go all the way to this story“. And it was Susanna Ceccardi herself who went to the de facto streets, presenting herself at the police station to file a formal complaint and view the images of the cameras present in the area of ​​the attack.

Despite all this, left-wing leaders and politicians have not yet lowered the tone of an electoral campaign that was conducted with the aim of demonizing the center-right and fueling and fomenting violent groups such as those of Marina di Carrara against the League or as those who, a week ago, attacked the Brothers of Italy banquet in Milan. Same modality, same violencesame matrix.


Monday at 3.30 pm I will be in Carrara, on the site of thesquadron aggression to women, the elderly and Northern League militants. Cowards and violent will not stop the desire for change of Carraresi and respectable Tuscans“, Matteo Salvini announced on Twitter.

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