Port of Ravenna, the first ITS course is underway in Emilia-Romagna

Port of Ravenna, the first ITS course is underway in Emilia-Romagna
Port of Ravenna, the first ITS course is underway in Emilia-Romagna
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A new two-year ITS course for “Multifunctional Technician for Logistics and Rail Transport” has been approved for funding, aimed at training technical profiles specialized in the management and programming of intermodal railway services, also offering the possibility of obtaining specific qualifications for the preparation, maneuvering and conduct of trains.

The initiative, strongly desired by the main intermodal nodes of the Emilia-Romagna region, part of the ER.IC Cluster, (Dinazzano Po Spa, Lotras Srl, Terminali Italia Srl, Terminal Rubiera Srl, Sapir Spa, Cepim Spa Terminal Piacenza Intermodale, port system of the Northern Adriatic Sea and Interporto Bologna Spa) integrates the training courses activated by the ITS Sustainable Logistics Foundation, which, in collaboration with the ITL Foundation (Institute for Transport and Logistics), propose to launch a new training opportunity capable of satisfying the growing request for the specific technical skills of the sector.

The training program, in addition to strengthening soft skills and linguistic knowledge, will be specifically aimed at deepening the specific issues in the railway field, developed by the Training Center Ferroviaria Locomotivi srl, accredited by ANSFISA (National Agency for the Safety of Railways and Infrastructures Roads and Motorways), so as to allow the achievement of qualifications and licenses useful for operating in the sector (PDT A – Train Maneuverer, PDT B – Preparation of Escort Documents for Trains, PDT C – Vehicle Verification, European Driving License, Complementary Certificate Machinist).

The beneficiaries of the initiative are young people and adults in possession of an upper secondary education diploma, as well as young people and adults in possession of a four-year diploma of vocational education and training and who have attended an additional annual course of higher technical education and training.

The course will be held in Reggio Emilia at the Cis School for Business Management

(Via Aristotele, 109, 42122 Reggio Emilia RE).

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The deadline for sending registrations to the CIS ([email protected]) is October 14, 2022, to which it is possible to contact for any request for information.

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