the hosts of Cus Molise win

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He goes to the Circolo La Nebbia Cus Molise on City of Campobasso tournament, national 5-a-side football event masterfully organized by Cus Molise carried out with competitions of 20 effective.

Leading the confrontation were Messrs Griguolo, Miozza and Alfieri.

Circolo La Nebbia Cus Molise-Manfredonia 1-1 after regular time 6-5 (dcr)
Debut against Manfredonia for the home team. Cundari’s quintet immediately shows up with Fred who sees his conclusion deflected for a corner. The home rossoblù held the field well and took the lead with a free-kick scheme. Debetio goes to beat, the winning deviation is by Barichello for 1-0. The Sipontini draw almost immediately with Girardi guessing the right angle from a tight angle. The challenge continues on the tracks of equilibrium and penalties are required to decide the winner. From the spot, Vinicius Oliveira’s save against Lupoli was decisive.

Canosa 2-1 Manfredonia
In the second challenge of the day, Canosa starts with his foot on the accelerator and takes the lead thanks to Leo Senna. Lex Active finds the right space and time to inflate the network. The formation of Cundari tries to immediately rebalance the dispute but fails in the enterprise. In the second fraction the Sipontini close to 1-1 with the pole to deny the joy of the goal to Lupoli. Having escaped the danger, Canosa passes again with Castrogiovanni. In the final stages of the match comes the goal of the flag for Manfredonia made by Fred.

Circolo La Nebbia-Canosa 2-1
Barichello and Nathan overturn Canosa and the home team wins the tournament. The start of the confrontation is balanced, Vinicius assists Nathan in depth but the conclusion is high. The guest response is in a conclusion from Ique that a super Vinicius defuses. Then Lodispoto’s quintet finds the advantage with the usual Senna who manages to turn an assist to Ique’s kiss into gold. After taking the blow, the rossoblùs react immediately. And Barichello with a great conclusion to send the ball to the bottom of the bag. The Molise want the overtaking that comes thanks to a pisata of Lucas for Nathan who does not forgive. Shortly after the Cln Cus Molise touches the trio. The protagonists of the confrontation are the same but this time the ball ends out not by much. Then it’s up to Barichello with a lash to touch the marking but this time the upright denies the Brazilian ace’s joy of the net. Thus ends 2-1 for the hosts who put the tournament on the bulletin board.

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5-a-side football, Campobasso City Tournament

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The prices – At the end, in addition to the cups for the three participating teams, awards were assigned to the referees, to Barichello (best player of the Circolo La Nebbia Cus Molise), Ique (best player of Canosa) and Girardi (best player of Manfredonia) . Vinicius Oliveira was elected best goalkeeper of the event.

Photo by @Giuseppe Terrigno and @Stefano Saliola

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