Serie B – Super Cup, Capo d’Orlando last quarter super: Palermo beaten

Serie B – Super Cup, Capo d’Orlando last quarter super: Palermo beaten
Serie B – Super Cup, Capo d’Orlando last quarter super: Palermo beaten
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With an extraordinary last quarter from 29-11, and an initial set of 16-1, the Infodrive Capo d’Orlando takes home the victory against Green Basket Palermo. A team victory, which came after three complicated partial matches against a difficult team like Green, which qualifies the Infodrive to the Second Round of the Super Cup which will be played on Wednesday evening at 20.30 against Ragusa. At the final siren there are 18 points for Passera and Vecerina, 12 for Maglietti, 11 points for Triessi, as well as 11 and as many rebounds for Okereke.

Infodrive Capo d’Orlando – Green Basket Palermo 86-71 (20-21; 38-41; 57-60)

Infodrive Capo d’Orlando: Passera 18 (2/3, 3/5), Triassi 11 (1/3, 3/5), Klanskis 4 (2/2, 0/2), Okereke (5/7), Pizzurro , Sandri 6 (2/4, 0/1), Ravì, Vecerina 18 (5/8, 1/2), Binelli 2 (1/1, 0/2), Telesca ne, Baldassarre 4 (0/3), Jerseys 12 (3/4, 2/5). Coach: Sussi

Green Basket Palermo: Lombardo 5 (1/1, 1/3), Renna (0/2, 0/2), Moltrasio 2 (1/2, 0/2), Costa 8 (1/5, 2/6) , Caronna 2 (1/3, 0/1), Corrao ne, Morciano 18 (2/4, 3/7), Ronconi ne, Markus 4 (1/2), Di Giuliomaria 13 (1/3, 2/7 ), Maisano, Masciarelli 19 (2/6, 4/8). Coach: Verderosa.

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The first half is balanced, with the two teams feeling the heat and finding the basket with difficulty. Morciano finds the retina more frequently and, after the 2-0 at the start of Passera, brings forward the Green. It is Triassi and Sandri who shake the paladins, who respond blow for blow and close the first quarter at -1, 20-21. In the second part Palermo relies on Masciarelli, but Passera, Vecerina and Maglietti drag their teammates up to +4, 27-23. Morciano usually responds, with Costa and Di Giuliomaria allowing the guests to close the first 20 minutes ahead of 38-41. Capo d’Orlando returns with a different look from the changing rooms, but Palermo continues to impose itself on the paladins with the points of Morciano, Costa and Lombardo. In the last quarter, however, Okereke and Klanskis still believe in it and resume the game bringing the team to -1, then a 16-1 run by Okereke, Vecerina, Passera and Maglietti bring the score to 78-64 allowing Capo d ‘Orlando to qualify for the Second Round of the Super Cup.

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