Ferrari Trophy: Germani-Tortona great appetizer

Ferrari Trophy: Germani-Tortona great appetizer
Ferrari Trophy: Germani-Tortona great appetizer
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The sixth edition of the Ferrari Trophy today would be a sumptuous championship starter. And, in fact, in some ways it remains so. Germani challenges today, at 20.30, at the PalaLeonessa, the Bertram Tortona. And everything can only go back to last season, when Moss and his teammates finished the regular season clearly ahead of the Piedmontese (third place against fourth, but with eight points behind), from which they were however defeated twice. Not only. Tortona reached the play-off semifinal which, unfortunately, remained only a mirage for Germani. And the bianconeri also played, losing it, the final of the Italian Cup in Pesaro, against Milan. Speaking of black and white, last season these colors were the Kryptonite of Pallacanestro Brescia, given that the only two teams able to beat Magro’s boys twice in the regular season were Bertram and Virtus Bologna. However, today’s match, as we said, will be seriously influenced by absences.

The roses

Those of Germani, above all, which will still have to do without Massinburg, Petrucelli, Gabriel and Burns (his return is expected around the Bertolazzi Trophy in Parma, on 24 and 25 September), but Moss and Viglianisi will also not be available (as happened in Casnate with Bernate, against Cantù). For Tortona, on the other hand, Macura and Cain are in doubt, who did not play in the last scrimmage (won 111-64) against Urania Milano, valid for the Aldo Di Bella Memorial.

Previously, Ramondino’s team had beaten the Swiss of Massagno. At home Brescia it is not at all obvious that things will change for the better when – theoretically – a re-match with the bianconeri could take place. Yes, because the next appointment is the quadrangle valid for the Lovari Trophy in Lucca on 16-17 September, in which Germani will debut against Reyer Venezia, while on the other side of the board there are Tortona and Virtus Bologna. Today, however, eyes are onevolution of the insertion of new ones, Caupain and Odiase in the first place. It seems inevitable the use of several Under, as well as the wide use of Akele, the only pure great forward at the moment available.

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