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Alba Adriatica, Anti-Erosion Committee. Appeal to the Region: “hurry up”

Alba Adriatica, Anti-Erosion Committee. Appeal to the Region: “hurry up”
Alba Adriatica, Anti-Erosion Committee. Appeal to the Region: “hurry up”
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Alba Adriatica. “If we want to save Alba Adriatica we must intervene immediately”. The bathing season is now at an end and the scenarios that are looming on the horizon, especially in view of the winter period, do not seem the best.

And the founding members of the Anti-Erosion Committee, who have seen the effects of the feeding beach progressively reduce, launch a heartfelt appeal to the President of the Region, Marco Marsilio.

It is necessary that urgent action be taken and guarantees for the construction of the necessary cliffs aimed at defending our coast now tormented by erosion but above all find a useful solution to try to safeguard the bathing establishments from winter storms, which are increasingly strong and dangerous, such as a grazing concrete blocks in front of the factories themselves.

As unfortunately we have seen on our skin during this summer season, the cliffs parallel to the coast are and will always be the only effective solution to counteract the erosive phenomenon ”.

Coast defense plan. Recently the regional council approved the coastal defense plan and by the operators of Alba Adriatica, immediately executing the project means saving the socio-economic fabric of the town.

“We ask the Governor Marsilio and the institutions in a loud voice that the Abruzzo Region start with the project
parallel barriers emerged to be positioned on the whole physiographic unit. We can no longer wait and are no longer in favor of any other form of soft sand nourishment.


It should be remembered that the Committee, in the fight against erosion, has had the support of more than 4 thousand people, including tourists and citizens. We absolutely do not want to abandon those who believed in us and therefore we are open to listen to any political force that wants to take charge of this “our” problem “.

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