Smallpox of the monkeys, in Tuscany 3 more cases in 3 days

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The number of patients is increasing according to the data that comes from the monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Health. Here are the regions most affected

ROME – With 3 more cases in 3 days rises to altitude 43 in Tuscany the number of infections from
monkeypoxzoonotic infection monkeypox. The data comes with the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, which released the monitoring numbers updated to yesterday 9 September 2022.

In Italy cases of contagion from monkeypox I am 805 in all, 18 more than the survey of 6 September last. There are 794 males and 11 females with an average age of 37 years. The cases connected with travel abroad are 221.

Tuscany is confirmed as the fifth region in Italy for the number of infections. The most affected regions result Lombardy (333 cases, +3 compared to the survey of 6 September 2022), Lazio (141 cases, +1), Emilia Romagna (80 cases, +1) e Veneto (57 cases, +2).

Soon after here is the Tuscany with its 43 cases. In the ministerial bulletin of September 6, 2022, there were 40 cases in the Tuscan territory. Campania (40 cases, +2) and the Piedmont (31 cases, +4).

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