The north of Sardinia: cradle of Sardinian culture

The north of Sardinia: cradle of Sardinian culture
The north of Sardinia: cradle of Sardinian culture
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Sardinia is one of the favorite summer destinations for families and children. For a long time the island was appreciated for two peculiarities above all: crystal clear water on one side and evening entertainment on the other. If it is true that the sea, beaches and landscape are among the points of greatest interest for tourists, it is wrong to believe that Sardinia is limited to offering only a seaside holiday, as well as that the island is only nightlife and discos, especially in the northern part. Who visits the Northern Sardinia it does so driven by different interests, first and foremost culture. In fact, this is where the places of greatest historical and cultural interest on the island. Here they are moving not experts, artists, intellectuals, but also those who practice a cultural tourism. It is cultural tourism that has experienced a real boom in recent times. The easiest way to visit the northern part of the island is to land in Porto Torres, in the Sassari area.

So let’s see how to reach the port and what is worth exploring once you hit the ground.

From Civitavecchia to Porto Torres

One of the movements that occurs most frequently by those who want to reach the island is that from Civitavecchia to Porto Torres. As anticipated, it is in Porto Torres that those who intend to experience the north of Sardinia for a few days must arrive. Booking one of the Civitavecchia Porto Torres ferries is very simple, just enter a few but detailed information and you will get a price comparison based on the dates chosen for arrival and departure. Traveling by ferry has its advantages: from the bar service, to the breathtaking view to the possibility of bringing a means of transport or your pets with you.


Arzachena it is an unmissable stop in the exploration of the Sardinian north. It is a very large municipality, it includes, in fact, 80 kilometers of coastline and includes the Costa Smeralda. So it is predictable to expect beautiful beaches, coves and bays to relax in like never before. Arzachena, however, is also a small cultural center, not to be missed: the Church of Santa Maria Maggiorethe Municipal building and the Ethnographic and Paleontological Museum, which preserves very interesting fossils and minerals. Arzachena is home to well-known archaeological sites: the Li Muri Necropolis with the Tomb of the Giants, the Nuragic Complex of Malchittu And The Presgiona.


Nuraghe of Riu Mulinu

The Nuraghe of Riu Mulinu it is one of the most popular places in northern Sardinia. It is located in a panoramic position on the Gulf of Olbia. It was built between 1200 and 1300 BC, it is a circular Nuragic fortification and includes: a great wall, a tower, a ladder it’s a sacrificial pit. In the pit were found artifacts that testify the link between the nuraghe and the ancient rites of the cult of water.

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Posada it is one of the oldest municipalities on the island. The citadel has preserved its medieval structure, including: the Castello della Favaoriginally from the 12th century, and the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, dating back to the same century as the castle. Among the points of naturalistic interest, besides the beaches, the Tepilora Park.

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