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F1, Verstappen retires? Sensational revelation by Helmut Marko

F1, Verstappen retires? Sensational revelation by Helmut Marko
F1, Verstappen retires? Sensational revelation by Helmut Marko
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Max Verstappen is sailing towards the encore world champion, but Helmut Marko has talked about his future retirement from F1. Here’s what the former pilot said.

The current F1 is in the hands of Max Verstappen. Jos’s son made his Circus debut in 2015 with the Red Bull, when he was still a minor, being presented with great fanfare as a phenomenon of incredible proportions. After the many mistakes in his first career phase, in which the Dutchman nevertheless showed some glimpses of an absolute phenomenon, maturation arrived in the second half of 2018, which made him invincible.

F1 Max Verstappen (ANSA)

Unfortunately for him, domination was still in force in those years Mercedes, which prevented him from fighting for the world championship right away. There Red Bull motorized Honda he then provided him with a single-seater at the height of the Mercedes in 2021, and history changed there. Verstappen started to get seriously scary a Lewis Hamiltonup to defeating him in the sensational final in Abu Dhabi, one of the craziest and most throbbing in the history of F1.

From that moment on, the Dutch became invincible. His mistakes can be counted on the fingers of one hand, indeed, it can be said that this year his only flaw was that spin during his comeback in Hungary, which in any case did not prevent him from winning in an imperious way. appointment in Budapest.

We are talking about someone who is a candidate to become, at least in terms of numbers, the greatest ever, given the already 30 victories won, at -1 from Nigel Mansell and -2 from Fernando Alonso. In case of victory in Monza, Verstappen he would earn the first match point to win the world championship in Singapore, in order to close the accounts with five games before the end of the championship.

Such dominance was not very predictable after the two retirements in the first three races, but from then on, Super Max was a steamroller. The only time he didn’t make it to the podium was at Silverstone, where he finished seventh due to a bottom problem that hit him while he was authoritatively in the lead. A champion who has the Circus in hand, but who in the future could surprise us in a sensational way for quite other reasons.

F1, Helmut Marko and the sentence about Max Verstappen’s retirement

Max Verstappen has renewed his contract with Red Bull until 2028 inclusive, for an amount of about 40 million dollars per season. It is one of the longest contracts in F1 history, with the Milton Keynes team who wanted to lock down their jewel by covering it with money, but also giving it an exceptional car.


However, Helmut Markothe Super-consultant of the Red Bullhas caused a sensation in recent days for what he declared in an interview granted to “Sport1“:”We and Max want to win many titles together, but I doubt he will drive until he breaks all records. He’s not the kind of person who stays in F1 if you pay him a lot or if he hasn’t reached his goals, if he decides to leave he will.“.

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And I believe all of this will happen sooner than we will let’s wait“. Quite disturbing words those of the former pilot, which almost seems to presage a goodbye of Super Max in the short term. At the moment, it seems unthinkable that the Dutchman will say goodbye to the company in a few years, as his age really allows him to aim to break all records, but in this world it is impossible to predict.

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Verstappen could win for many more years, especially thanks to his talent and a Red Bull which has organized itself to open a winning cycle. Opponents are warned, but the words of Marko they also pose some doubts about the future of Jos’s son. Only time will tell who will be right.

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