Found dead on a hiking cliff in Fabriano – Marche

Found dead on a hiking cliff in Fabriano – Marche
Found dead on a hiking cliff in Fabriano – Marche
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Almost 24 hours of research in the countryside

(ANSA) – FABRIANO, 10 SEPTEMBER – After almost 24 hours of research, the 32-year-old from Fabriano (Ancona) was found dead, having left home around 10:00 yesterday. The body was found on a cliff, between vegetation and trees, in Civita, quite far from the place where the young man’s car, Vetralla, was found. This is the sad ending of a story that has kept the entire city of Fabriano in suspense. The body was recovered and will be transported to the morgue of the ‘Engles Profili’ hospital in Fabriano.

There are three hypotheses that of an accident or a voluntary gesture.

The alarm went off around 7 pm yesterday, 9 September, when the young man’s family had contacted the rescuers. A task force formed by the firefighters of the Fabriano detachment operated together with a team of the Dog Nucleus, the Alpine Rescue volunteers from all the Marche, the carabinieri and two helicopters from above, Air Force and Alpine Rescue-Civil Protection . Field operations were directed by a fire brigade officer through the Ucl (Local Command Unit) according to the procedures set out in the search plan for missing persons coordinated by the Prefecture of Ancona (ANSA).



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