show in the sky of Riva and Santo Stefano –

show in the sky of Riva and Santo Stefano –
show in the sky of Riva and Santo Stefano –
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Between the end of September and the beginning of October, the Frecce Tricolori, the National Aerobatic Team, the flagship of the Italian Air Force, will return to the skies of the Western Ligurian Riviera.

After the exhibition in Genoa last May, in Imperia in June, the pilots of the 313th Acrobatic Training Group will circle over the Baia del Sole, in the skies of Alassio and Laigueglia, but also of Santo Stefano al Mare And Riva Ligure.

Four days between rehearsals and a real show that will keep thousands of people looking up.

Postponed several times at the home of the health emergency, the show will finally go on stage and it will do so by uniting four cities in western Liguria.

The MB339s, the aircraft that for forty years have spread the longest Italian flag in the skies of the whole world, will land on the morning of Thursday 29 September at Riviera Airport in Villanova, to move to the Piaggio apron. In the afternoon they will perform the tests on Alassio and Laigueglia, on Friday 30 on Santo Stefano al Mare and Riva Ligure. The shows will be in the afternoon of October 1st on the Baia del Sole and October 2nd in the two Imperia towns.

Their performance will be, as is tradition, preceded by a real Air Show, with historical and rescue vehicles: we will see acrobatics but also emergency intervention methods.

“We are still waiting for some confirmations – explains Alessandro Betti, president of the Aeroclub of Savona and the Ligurian Riviera – but the program of the Air Show is already taking shape full of unique exhibitions either for the value of the aircraft used or for the stunts. which they will give life to “.

The helicopter of the 15 ° Stormo dell’Aeronautica Militare will open the show at 2.30 pm on 1 October. The 15 ° Stormo carries out Search and Rescue tasks in the national territory and in the territorial and international waters around Italy and of cooperation and intervention in favor of the civilian population in case of calamity.

Followed by the Stearman of the Airshow performer Emiliano del Buono owner of the 46 Aviation company star of Air Shows around the world where Emiliano as a pilot makes entertainment shows and faces aerobatic and speed races, and where his wife, Danielle Huges, Talented WingWalker, puts on his own thrilling show.

Also scheduled is the exhibition of the flight and acrobatic flight instructor, Luca Salvadori aboard the CAP-21DS “The Silver Chicken” and Guido Racioppoli, aerobatic pilot aboard the Sukoi 31.

“To date I have more than 3000 flight hours of experience – he declares – but my passion are aerial events and air-shows, in which I perform solo, following the calendar of the Frecce Tricolori” He describes his aircraft as follows: ” The Sukhoi range of aerobatic aircraft was originally designed in Russia, before the fall of the Soviet Union, therefore, spared no expense. As a result, the technology is still significantly advanced. A few examples: carbon fiber rods, titanium instead of steel and links to the controls in forged magnesium instead of welded steel. Finally, the 9-cylinder supercharged engine is the most powerful aerobatic engine in the world ”.

And so on until the grand finale.

Expected take-off at 16.05, entry into the skies of the Baia del Sole at 16.10 where for 26 minutes the thousands of people who will have gathered in Alassio and Laigueglia on Saturday 1 October, from the beach and from the hills, will hold their breath.


Here is the complete PAN 2022 formation: Pony 0 – Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Vit (Commander); Pony 1 – Major Pierluigi Raspa (Head of Training); Pony 2 – Captain Alessandro Sommariva (1st Gregary Left); Pony 3 – Captain Simone Fanfarillo (1st Gregario Destro); Pony 4 – Captain Oscar Del Dò (2nd Gregary Left); Pony 5 – Captain Alessio Ghersi (2nd Gregario Destro); Pony 6 – Major Franco Paolo Marocco (1st Fanalino); Pony 7 – Major Alfio Mazzoccoli (3rd Gregary Left); Pony 8 – Captain Federico De Cecco (3rd Gregario Destro); Pony 9 – Captain Leonardo Leo (2nd Fanalino); Pony 10 – Major Massimiliano Salvatore (Soloist).

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To pull the strings of the long weekend of aerial emotions, once again General Cesare Patrono, director of the flight school and head of the instructors of the Aeroclub of Savona and the Ligurian Riviera and, above all, always directed the performances of the Frecce Tricolori on the territory, to which, together with the management of the Aeroclub, chaired by Alessandro Betti, the merit of having brought the National Aerobatic Team back to the skies of Liguria.

“In recent months we have worked hard, not only to be included in the PAN calendar – comments the Patron General himself – but to fine-tune the safety plan for the smooth running of the air shows. Each territory is different and for each exhibition we have coordinated the different operational realities to design the spaces and references on land and at sea “

An integral and essential part of the organization was designed by Commander Remo Ferretti, in the dual role of Councilor for the Municipality of Santo Stefano al Mare and of the main coordinator between the Aeroclub, Piaggio Aerospace Company, Riviera Airport and Aeronautica Militare: “A synergy created between institutions different participants from each other was the result of the desire to create a country, unite communities in a single great show to bring the Frecce Tricolori back to the Riviera di Ponente after many years ”.

At the center of logistics, the role of Riviera Airport and Piaggio Aero Industries is essential.

“A pleasure to have teamed up with the territory – comments Gen. Salvatore Gagliano, operational director of the Riviera Airport – and an honor to host the flagship of the Air Force in the centenary year of Villanova d’Albenga Airport: the Clemente Panero, today Riviera Airport ‘A bond with the territory that is always very present, as demonstrated by the recent activation of the helicopter rescue service for the entire day and night period ”.

“The pandemic period and the war – added Clemens Toussaint, vice president of Riviera Airport – have had a great impact on our traffic, but we have great plans and we are honored to participate in this event”.

“Piaggio Aerospace is proud to offer logistical support to the National Aerobatic Team for the entire period of tests and events – declared Vincenzo Nicastro, Extraordinary Commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace – The relationship that binds us to the Frecce Tricolori and the Italian Air Force is d ‘other profound and long-standing part: perhaps not everyone knows that, among other things, it is our technicians who carry out maintenance on the Viper engines that we equip the Frecce aircraft ”.

“After two years of waiting and postponements, independent of our will – the comment of Marco Melgrati, Mayor of Alassio and Angelo Galtieri, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Tourism – we are finally preparing for these days and this extraordinary spectacle. In my opinion, the initiative acquires added value to the extent that it has seen the collaboration of four municipalities.

Alongside my colleagues from other cities, however, I owe a special thanks to the Circolo Nautico al Mare, precious support for water logistics, the Coast Guard, the Municipal Police and of course the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Alassio. In due course we will illustrate routes, dedicated areas, forbidden areas, rest areas and shuttles to access the places from which to watch the shows. We teamed up and gave the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente a truly unique weekend, coloring and thrilling autumn in Liguria with the most beautiful Italian flag “

“Finally, after so many postponements, we are able to give a very important signal of recovery and visibility to the western Ligurian territory, which when it forms a team, even out of season, manages to organize very important events like this – the words of Roberto Sasso Del Verme, mayor of Laigueglia – Thanks go to all the actors of this team and, of course, to the PAN who accepted our invitation. We are waiting for you for these four days in which we will all be together with our noses upwards to attend one of the most beautiful shows in the world in one of the most beautiful areas in the world “

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