Banca Centro Toscana Umbria: positive half-year report

Banca Centro Toscana Umbria: positive half-year report
Banca Centro Toscana Umbria: positive half-year report
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Positive half-yearly report for Banca Centro Toscana Umbria, which closed with a gross profit of more than three million euros. The result is in line with the industrial plan and the prudential provisions are confirmed.

The parent company Iccrea has received the authorization from the ECB to the amalgamation, with a total non-proportional spin-off, of an important branch of the sister company Vival Banca in Banca Centro Toscana Umbria. The operation will be submitted to the Bcc shareholders’ meeting in October: one of the largest banks of the Iccrea Banking Group could be created, with a significant presence both in Tuscany and Umbria.

The BoD will consist of 13 members, the four new directors will join the nine already in office in this mandate. Florio Faccendi is the president and Carmelo Campagna the vice president, to which will be added an administrator chosen from among the shareholders of the former Cras bank, one among the shareholders of the former Bcc Umbria, one among the shareholders of Vival Banca and the last indicated by parent company Iccrea. The general management will be entrusted to Umberto Giubboni.

“A strategic system operation that will be submitted to the shareholders – affirms the president Florio Faccendi – and which will make it possible to give further support to the economy of all the areas of competence. The industrial plan, developed in collaboration with the parent company, will make it possible to respond to the needs of shareholders and customers in an economic and social context that is taking on particularly complex contours. We will be able to strengthen and rationalize our presence in Tuscany and Umbria while expanding operations. This will make it possible to give concrete support to the old and new reference territories; new territories to which to provide a political and technical presence such as to maintain strong support and the economic bond typical of the Bcc together with the cooperative soul that distinguishes us “.

“The structure of the plan is such – underlines the vice president Carmelo Campagna – to be sustained, albeit with prudent assessments consistent with market scenarios, an even wider and stronger presence in the territories with an ability to invest in their development while maintaining a strong mutualist root. The traditional operations will be accompanied by innovative elements in terms of implementation of the business model “.


“The positive trend of the first half and the consistency with the planning – confirms the general manager Umberto Giubboni – allow us to submit the new operation to shareholders, starting from bases in line with expectations and with the projections made for the purposes of the business plan approved by the parent company Iccrea and subjected to the authorization of the ECB. In the first half of the year, global deposits reached 2.21 billion and loans to 1.36 billion, the capital ratios remain in line with the group and supervisory benchmarks. Thanks to all the staff who have made it possible with their commitment to achieve these results in full consistency with the strategic plan in force relating to the birth, now over two and a half years ago, of Banca Centro Toscana Umbria ”.

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