The flu shot will be made free at the pharmacy

The flu shot will be made free at the pharmacy
The flu shot will be made free at the pharmacy
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With the approach of the autumn season, preparations for the flu vaccination campaign are already starting, which this year will see an important novelty: Federfarma Veneto and the Veneto Region have
in fact reached an agreement on the basis of which the possibility of vaccination in pharmacies is also extended to all those subjects to whom it is offered free of chargeif of age and without risk factor for pathology.

“For them – explains the Federfarma press release – it will be the Veneto Region directly to distribute the doses to pharmacies and of course the administration will be free. For subjects without exemption, however, the signed memorandum of understanding provides for a controlled cost of € 6.16 for the administration, in addition of course to the cost of the vaccine, therefore unchanged compared to last year “.

“The possibility, for those entitled, to receive the vaccination for free in the pharmacy close to home further enhances the role of pharmacies within the health system – underlines Dr. Andrea Bellon, president of Federfarma Veneto – After all, this is a very simple and immediate way for citizens, who can receive the vaccine at the same time as it is purchased “.

A further confirmation of the value of the “service pharmacy”: “Surely the Covid experience has taught us that many services can be decentralizedie that the pharmacy network is the ideal solution,
both for widespread presence in the territory and for the very wide opening hours that they guarantee. Already today, in addition to the anti-Covid swabs and vaccinations that naturally continue, we are engaged in prevention campaigns such as the one for the screening of rectal cancer, or precisely the flu vaccinations. It is often said that the future of healthcare is to bring services close to citizens: certainly pharmacies can play an important role in this process “.


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