“The party has shown great strength”

“The party has shown great strength”
“The party has shown great strength”
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Forza Italia presents the candidates for the Chamber and the Senate in Piazza Salotto in the urban area of ​​Corigliano. There are many topics covered: infrastructures, labor issues, employment, school, the problems of fishing and agriculture. “It is the only Fi party that has not had candidates from other regions,” commented the regional councilor Gianluca Gallo adding – It is the party that has a great responsibility for governing at the regional level, but we still need to have a friendly government in Rome to better solve the problems of the Calabrians ”.

Fulvia Caligiuri, candidate for the Chamber, and the regional councilor Pasqualina Straface, focused on the taxation and relaunching policies of investments in order to produce new jobs. In particular for the state road 106 and the sections of Corigliano-Rossano and Crotone-Catanzaro. «We need to relaunch the Port of Corigliano, observes Straface, which is still underpowered today. It should be used for its true potential. And then the hospital of Sibaritide to which the Calabria Region is paying the utmost attention ».

The president of the province Rosaria Succurro he underlined the interventions carried out on the 3000 kilometers of road in the entire province of Cosenza and on which work is being carried out both on the maintenance front and for the construction of new arteries. Among those present Pierluigi Caputoregional councilor, Mario Occhiuto, candidate for the Senate, Ernesto Rapani, candidate for the Senate, Giuseppe Turano, city ​​commissioner of Fi.

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