The greeting of the city to the victims of the flood

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LIVORNO – The terrible night between 9 and 10 September 2017 is relived in the fifth year of that tragedy to greet the 8 victims who lost their lives there.

Massive damage caused by the rage of the waters. A long work planned with the aim of not encountering similar disasters, but for the lost lives nothing can be done and the torches that start from the permanent photographic installation “risorgi livorno” and shortly after passes in front of the house where in a single shot 4 people lost their lives, including a 4-year-old child. A march that continues to reach the roundabout of ardenza where the waters found an outlet pouring tons of mud, all kinds of things carried away by the waters, including those other lives dragged by the current.

Upon arrival at the rotunda there is a recently inaugurated exhibition which returns images of those five years ago and of the interventions carried out over the following years. All around a set of voluntary associations coordinated by civil protection that with personnel, vehicles and equipment raise awareness on the issues of civil protection.

Utorchlight procession that pays homage to the victims and reaches a place where a large family is the crown of the volunteer family which, together with civil protection, has further grown as an emotional response to the pain of those days.

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