The program and the candidates in Tuscany of Italy Sovereign and Popular

The program and the candidates in Tuscany of Italy Sovereign and Popular
The program and the candidates in Tuscany of Italy Sovereign and Popular
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Exit from the euro, the European Union and NATO, no vaccination obligation and the green pass, stop sending arms to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, massive investments in public schools, close fight against the mafia and corruption and end of the state secret on the seasons of the massacres.

These are some of the points at the center of the program of Sovereign and Popular Italy, a list that brings together about fifteen acronyms (starting with Marco Rizzo’s Communist Party, Reconquering Italy, Ancora Italy and Civic Action of the former magistrate Antonio Ingroia) and who presented the candidates to the elections in the Tuscan colleges this afternoon in Florence, in Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

“The sanctions did not destroy Russia, but ended up completing a process of deindustrialization that Draghi had started in the 90s, when as director general of the treasury he arranged the great sale of Italian public assets, which ended up in the hands of supranational potentates”, attacks Francesco Toscano, candidate for the plurinominal college of the Chamber which includes Florence. Draghi who, says Toscano “is a mediocre bureaucrat transformed by the press into a great statesman”.

At the heart of the ISP discourse is the idea that “this model of globalization has failed. The increase in inequality and the poor testify to this. We have to create another one ”.

Even Rizzo, a candidate in Tuscany for the Chamber, insists on the need to lift the sanctions on Russia, which “are destroying the economy of our country. Then of course, we must work for peace with diplomacy ”.

As for the environment, Rizzo continues, “now they talk to us about coal-fired power plants and regasifiers. Are they making fun of us? Have they already forgotten Greta? ”.

Salvatore Catello, already a candidate for the PC at the last regional, is the leader in the plurinominal board of the Senate. “Work is at the heart of our program – he explains -. We want to abolish the Jobs Act and all forms of precarious work. The goal is full employment, so that the citizenship income does not even have to serve. Then certainly support must be maintained for people who are fragile or who cannot work ”.

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“Financial coverage – continues the candidate – can be found. Just think that Italy spends 30 billion euros a year for military missions abroad and to stay in NATO ”.

On the economic side, ISP is aligned for the “return to monetary sovereignty” and for, among other things, a strong redistribution of wealth, to be implemented “with much greater fiscal progressivity – still proposes Catello -. We must return to 32 personal income tax rates, as was the case in the 1970s, so that those who have less pay less, those who have nothing pay nothing and those who have more pay more. This is how it must always be ”.

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Below, the rally in Piazza Santa Maria Novella

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