the semifinal will start slightly late – OA Sport

the semifinal will start slightly late – OA Sport
the semifinal will start slightly late – OA Sport
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20.43 We know Slovenia, it has not changed since that 3-2 defeat in the final of the 2021 European Championships. Ropret and Vincic alternate in dribbling, perhaps not two of the best interpreters in the world of the role, but who too often are guilty underestimated. The opposite holder is Stern, but the Balkans can also resort to the form with three spikers, as happened in the quarterfinals against Ukraine, where the 20-year-old Mozic put on a show.

20.40 But let’s focus now on the semi-final of the Azzurri. Italy and Slovenia have faced each other on ten occasions, the Azzurri have won six previous ones. The last clash took place last June 25 in the Nations League, with a sharp 3-0 win for our national team. The tie-break victory in the 2021 European Championships final was memorable. The two teams also met in the first group stage of the 2018 World Cup, with a 3-1 triumph for the hosts in front of 8000 spectators at the Mandela Forum in Florence.

20.38 In any case, after the editions of 2014 and 2018, this time the final will not be between Poland and Brazil. The team of Central Europe confirms itself as a very black beast for the verdeoro.

20.34 Will the ‘3 Rule’ materialize? Italy won three World Cups in a row from 1990 to 1998. Then it was Brazil’s turn to win the same number from 2002 to 2010. Tomorrow Poland could become world champions for the third time in a row after 2014 and 2018.

20.31 By regulation, the next semifinal must start no earlier than 30 minutes after the end of the previous one. A few minutes late, in this case, will be inevitable.

20.30 Now Poland-Brazil is over, 3-2 for the hosts.

20.26 The first semifinal between Poland and Brazil is still in progress, they are at the tie-break: therefore the match of Italy could start late.

20.25 Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live of Italy-Slovenia, semifinal of the 2022 Volleyball World Cup.

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The presentation of the matchThe starting formationsSlovenia under X-rays

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Slovenia, semifinal of the World Cup 2022 men’s volleyball. It promises to be a heart-pounding challenge in Katowice (Poland), where the rematch of the Final of the last European Championships is staged. Up for grabs the qualification at the final act of the world championship, to be played against the winner of Poland-Brazil. The confrontation will be particularly balanced, heated and fought, even if it will be our national team to take the field with the underdogs. On the other side of the net, however, the mangy Balkan team is pondering revenge and has all the credentials to worry the sextet led by CT Fefé De Giorgi.

Italy will need a decidedly solid and continuous game, focused on defensive precision and the ability to sting in attack.. The reason is obvious: Slovenia is a team that never gives up, able to recover an infinite amount of balls and to play even in dirty situations, focusing on experience. They are almost all acquaintances of our SuperLeague: Tine Urnaut, Klemen Cebulj and Toncek Stern represent the main guns and must absolutely be taken with pliers, like the walls of the early days of Jan Kozamernik.

Captain Simone Giannelli he will be called upon to sweep across the offensive front, calling into question Alessandro Michieletto, Daniele Lavia and Yuri Romanò. The walls of the Simone plants will have a crucial weight Anzani and Gianluca Galassiin addition to the determining work of the free Fabio Balaso. Italy dreams of returning to play the final 24 years after the last time, when the Generation of Phenomena completed their legendary consecutive trio of triumphs in 1998.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Slovenia, semifinal of the World Cup 2022 of men’s volleyball: news in real time, minute by minute, exchange after exchange, point after point so as not to really miss anything. It starts at 21.00. Have a good fun.

Photo: FIVB

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