“I’ll be back even after the elections”

“I’ll be back even after the elections”
“I’ll be back even after the elections”
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After Crotone, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria, the electoral tour of the deputy from Italy alive Maria Elena Boschi also made a stop in Vibo Valentia. The leaders of the Chamber in Calabria for the Third pole participated in a meeting in Santa Chiara palacewhere he stressed that «this is one wonderful landeven if full of pitfalls and problems ».

Woods also claimed that Vibo Valentia deserves to be at the center of the next government’s political agendabecause «it is a city full of potential whose economy needs to be revived through concrete initiatives aimed at stemming organized crime and a protect numerous companies who have the courage and the will to resist the daily challenge of operating in a difficult area ».

Boschi did not hide the fact that he has one personal friendship consolidated over the years and dating back to the university period with Stefano Lucianoleader of Action in the City Council, present at the initiative together with Provincial Secretary Mazzotta and to city ​​secretary Gioia together with a large representation of the local party. «With Stefano Luciano – he said – we have known each other personally for many years and on various occasions we have talked about need to build an alternative reformist area to the Democratic Party and the sovereign right; today finally this area it was built thanks to the agreement between Italia Viva and Action and this electoral campaign is only the beginning of a great adventure ». He was then followed by a formal commitment: «I have assured Stefano and I assure you all that I will not forget Vibo Valentia the day after the elections. I will come back to listen to the needs of this community in order to bring the requests to Parliament ».

To precede the deputy of Iv, the intervention of Stefano Luciano, who opened the initiative: «Maria Elena, has assured me that she will be back soon. Today we realize what we had with her over the years we hoped would happen. The third pole is born. It is born the alternative also on the territory of Vibo Valentia to a weak Democratic Party unable to build the alternative government. We are also alternatives to right-wing populisms, but we do not want to be guided by ideological positions. Our guide is the needs of our citizens and our way of doing politics consists in implementing concrete solutions for the relaunch of our city ».

The meeting, moderated by Mariella Calogerosaw the interventions of Ernesto Magorno, Federica Dieni, Bruno Censorof the regional secretary of Action Fabio Scionti and of Marisa Galaticandidate to the single-member college Vibo Pianan- di Gioia Tauro for the Chamber of Deputies.

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