Gabbani celebrates 40 years in Sardinia | Ogliastra

Gabbani celebrates 40 years in Sardinia | Ogliastra
Gabbani celebrates 40 years in Sardinia | Ogliastra
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After the great news of his triumph at the regional finals of Sanremo Rock, all of Sardinia gathered around the Villagrandan Mauro Piroddi – aka Diadema -, anxiously awaiting the response of the national finals and following the event live.

And on the stage of the Ariston, Piroddi, brought – with ardor and the support of his land and beyond – the single “Un bacio di riserva”.

«I didn’t pass,» he says, «but it was one of the most exciting occasions of my life: it was a real honor. From the bedroom of a two-room apartment in Casale Monferrato where I now live up to the Ariston stage, in the national final: I didn’t expect it. This important milestone led me to think that there is nothing impossible in life: I sang with my heart and made my feelings sing. “

The 26-year-old from Ogliastra lives on art, sings, draws and has always written: “I started singing the traditional songs of my land as a child, and then got to write and sing songs in Italian, taking up the lines of the old songwriter” he says, going back in time.

“Success comes with determination, talent is not enough,” he explains. “You have to be obsessed with what you do to get to the top.”

“I invite young people like me not to be ashamed to show what they love to do” he continues, heartfelt. “It is more shameful to be idle than to cultivate one’s passions, one’s dreams!”


He concludes by thanking whoever encouraged him: “This is only part of the journey, I’ll give myself many other possibilities,” he says. «I dedicate this milestone to my granddaughters Ludovica and Petra. I also thank the company where I work, Sanber, for giving me the opportunity to be absent to take part in this beautiful journey. I greet my mother, my father and my brother: I thank them for their encouragement, despite the distance that divides us! At the Ariston I had the honor and the pleasure of bringing my uncles Piero and Milva with me, together with my niece. They have always been ready to follow me and accompany me in all my musical and other paths and I consider them my second parents. “

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