Bitter debut for Lazio: in Ascoli it ends 2-1

Bitter debut for Lazio: in Ascoli it ends 2-1
Bitter debut for Lazio: in Ascoli it ends 2-1
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Unsatisfactory debut for Lazio of Mr. Sanderra who manages the game throughout the first half. In fact, the Biancocelesti only need 3 minutes to move forward thanks to a goal by Napolitano, to then close the first part of the race with an advantage. In the second half Ascoli is a whole other team and in 5 minutes overturns the match first with Rossithen with So I. In the next challenge the Capitoline will host the Monopoly at the Formello Sports Center.

Primavera Championship 2 | 1 day

Saturday 10 September 2022, 3:00 pm

Picchio Village Sports Center (AP)

ASCOLI (4-3-3) – Raffaelli; Camilloni, Caravillani, Rossi, Cozzoli, Di Marcello (67 ‘Silvestri), Carano, Ceccarelli; Palazzino, Cosimi, Re (88 ‘Del Moro). Available: Gentile, Amato, Regnicoli, Coticoni, Del Moro, Ciccanti, Maiga Silvestri, Graziano, Gennari, D’Alessandro. All .: Rosario Pergolizzi

LAZIO (4-3-3) – Magro, Bedini (65 ‘Rossi), Dutu, Kane, Milani; Napolitano, Coulibaly (84 ‘Di Tommaso), Marinacci; Castigliani, Crespi, Troise (60 ‘Brazil). Available: Morsa, Martinelli, Cannavaro, Nazzaro, Ahwasingi, Della Salandra, Jurczak, Adjaoudi. All .: Stefano Sanderra

Referee: Emanuele Frascaro (Florence section)

Assistants: Fracchiola – Matching

Ammonites: Rossi, Di Tommaso (A) Dutu, Crespi, Coulibaly, Magro (L)

Expelled: ///


93 ‘- Triple whistle. Debut with defeat for Lazio.

90 ‘- 3 minutes of injury time granted by the Referee.

88 ‘- Pergolizzi puts fresh forces: King comes out, Del Moro enters.

85 ‘- Very occasional for Crespi who does not find the mirror of the door a few steps from Raffelli. Conclusion of very little wide.

84 ‘- New replacement for Sanderra: Coulibaly gives way to Di Tommaso.

83 ‘ – Marinacci still goes from the flag: short ball for Napolitano who tries the conclusion, good Rossi to reject in a slip.

80 ‘- Biancoceleste restart with Milani who sacrifices himself in the left lane, Napolitano concentrates, unloads on Brasili, Napolitano still tries almost from the bottom line but Raffaelli blocks the ball.

79 ‘- Corner for Lazio: Marinacci goes to serve, Castigliani tries to head at the far post, Raffaelli again takes the ball without any problem.

77 ‘- Despite the overturned result, Sanderra’s team does not give up and tries in every way to find at least the equalizer. Castigliani tries with a low shot that is not too powerful, it is easy for Raffaelli to make the ball his own.

71 ‘- Corner for Lazio: tight ball in the area, Castigliani even tries the overhead kick but does not find the door.

69 ‘- Second half much more fragmented than the first, with Lazio suffering from the speed of the home team.

67 ‘- First change for Ascoli: Di ​​Marcello gives way to Silvestri.

65 ‘ – Sanderra changes again: out of Bedini, in his place Rossi.

64 ‘- Crespi landed by Rossi on the edge of the area. Yellow for Ascoli and free kick from a very interesting position for Lazio. On the ball goes Castigliani who kicks with power, the ball touches the crossbar but is lost on the bottom.

62 ‘- Ascoli, which in this second half is a completely different team compared to the one seen in the first half.

60 ‘- First change in attack for Sanderra: Troise gives way to Brasili.

59 ‘- Corner for the biancocelesti who try to react: Marinacci goes to serve, the ball is stretched in the area but Raffaelli makes it his without problems.

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55 & # 39; – Another goal Ascoli. Cosimi collects a ball in depth, Milani jumps, Magro rejects but listens to him this time makes no mistake and bags the ball into the net.

50 ‘- Goal Ascoli. Rossi receives in the area, left all alone turns and with the right prank Magro.

49 ‘- Corner kick for Ascoli, a better start than in the first half.

46 ‘- Let’s start once again! Both coaches have chosen to restart with the same eleven owners.



45 ‘ – The first part of the race ends.

41 ‘ Ascoli raises the pressure and becomes dangerous in a couple of occasions thanks to the good plays of Palazzino.

39 ‘ – Bad foul by Caravillani on Crespi, the referee inexplicably keeps the game going. Protests of the Lazio number 9.

38 ‘- Corner for the hosts: the ball is received by Palazzino who seeks personal satisfaction. The inaccurate shot is lost on the bottom and does not worry Magro.

31 ‘- Yellow for Coilubaly who stops Camilloni’s restart.

28 ‘ Corner kick won by Castigliani: ball aimed at the far post, but Raffaelli blocks without problems.

25 ‘ – Corner for Ascoli, Ceccarelli goes on the ball, the ball whizzes in a tense area but no Bianconero can get the shot at the far post.

23 ‘- Yellow for Crespi for foul on Caravillani.

20 ‘ – Fast restart of Lazio: exchange Crespi – Marinacci, the number 9 loses the ball, Coulibaly sling on the ball, tries the missile from 25 meters but the shot is too high.

16 ‘- Milani wins the ball from midfield, flies to the edge of the area, looks for the power shot at the near post, the imprecise shot ends up at the bottom.

12 ‘- Yellow for Dutu and another free kick for Ascoli. The outstretched ball is spiked from the head by a biancoceleste, ball in a corner kick.

11 ‘- Foul by Milani on Ceccarelli, the Biancoceleste number 3 is recalled by the referee who assigns a free kick for the hosts. On the ball goes Ceccarelli, Crespi careful sweeps and avoids any risk.

9 ‘ – First nine minutes of the match totally managed by Lazio which shows itself to be an attentive and orderly team.

4 ‘ – The Biancoceleste pressure is still very high: a corner kick from the left, Napolitano tries again this time with his head, but Raffaelli makes the ball his own.

3 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOL LAZIOOOOOOOO! Perfect cross by Castigliani from the right, Napolitano lurking in the area collects the ball and with his right he bags it behind Raffaelli.

2′ – Lazio immediately starts fierce. Crespi immediately tries with Raffaelli forced to sacrifice himself and put her in a corner.

1 ‘- Let’s go! The new season of the biancocelesti is starting. First ball played by the hosts


Hello everyone and welcome to the direct writing of Ascoli – Lazio, match valid for the first day of the Spring 2 championship. First round of the season for a team made up of some “old” elements, who will have the task of joining, with the experience gained, the freshness of the new ones. Stephen Sanderra, the coach who replaced Alessandro Calori, this year will have the task of bringing the Biancocelesti back to Primavera 1, a goal that the club has not reached for two years. The new coach was clear: the module chosen is the one used by Sarri, because the primary objective is to train young people ready to take the big step in the first team.

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