Elections, Rusconi (Lazio Presidents): “There is nothing on education in party programs”

Elections, Rusconi (Lazio Presidents): “There is nothing on education in party programs”
Elections, Rusconi (Lazio Presidents): “There is nothing on education in party programs”
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“Sui behaviors of boys I do not see anything in the programs of the parties, even if they are problems that we have to face every day even effectively, especially when the behaviors manifest themselves as acts of bullying and violence “. He tells Andkronos Mario Rusconipresident of the Lazio Presidiums.

“Most of these antisocial behaviors do not occur in schools, because there is a control, they occur outside the school: they form small gangs who rob and steal, this should imply an assumption of responsibility by the institutions. I refer in particular – adds the Professor – to the psycho-pedagogical counter, which was improperly eliminated from schools about twenty years ago to make some small savings. It was restored around the time of the covid but it probably won’t last. Instead, it would be necessary, and it should not only be useful for students, but also for teachers and parents “.

“The point is that – explains Rusconi – since we only have an obligation to train, the educational system should be entrusted to families. But when families are fugitives, this vicious circle is created, which leads to antisocial attitudes“.

“We have been saying it for years, it must be structurally restored school psychologist. We have also developed a master’s degree, but if there are no legal provisions we cannot do anything. I have spoken – reveals the head of the Rome principals – with various parties, but I have not obtained any results. School is obviously not considered a priority “.

“It is necessary to intervene in the pre-adolescent age, that is a 10-14 years, middle school age. It would take a huge initiative of extended time in middle school. But when I see the programs of the parties I am thrilled. I have seen – adds Rusconi – this diatribe on technical and professional institutes. I have heard it said, ‘institutions need to be reformed’, but what needs to be done is middle school. Because it is clear that these children will run away from school, and will increase juvenile micro-crime.


“These are problems that we know, evidently the parties are interested in school only as a way to do wrestling. If school is a priority it should not be said only in words. deterioration of structures school affects. The boys think: ‘the public school that is obviously falling apart’, and they draw the consequences “, concludes Rusconi.

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